Falling Down(5)

By: Anne Mercier

I smile softly. "As much as I'd love that, I'm not a stalker and I don't want him to think I am. I'm going to hold on to what he's given me today and keep it close." See? I'm not a stalker.

She nods. "I can see that."

"Maybe one day…"


We sit in silence for a minute as the flight attendant tells us about the emergency exits, my mind blank as if it can't comprehend what just happened.

The jet engines fire up and we're lifted off the ground.

"You going to send me those pictures?"

Sera smiles. "Already done, darling. Already done."


"I got an amazing picture of his ass."

"Only one?"

She gives me a look of exasperation. "Please. Try twelve."

"Twelve? Why twelve?"

She grins. "A dozen hot buns."

I laugh. My sister totally rocks.

Chapter One


Six Years Later…

"Please Micah."

"You made your decision, Maggie, when you were snuggling up to your ex."

"It was just a hug goodbye."

"I know what I saw, Mags. That wasn't just a hug."

"It wasn't," she says with a lone tear sliding down her cheek, her head hanging in defeat.

"I hate that Maggie had to hurt Micah in the end," I say with a sigh as Sera and I reread some of the final lines from "Always You", a movie I just got done shooting.

As we head to downtown Los Angeles Sera shrugs. "She ended up with her happily ever after soulmate and Micah found his happy with Becca in the end. They were just using each other to get through the shit until they could get back to the place they each belonged."

"True. I really am glad that movie is done though and if I never have to work with Aiden Jensen again it'll be too soon."

"Don't even get yourself worked up."

I nod. "I won't. The cokehead."

Sera looks at me.

"That's all I'm going to say."


I never said I wouldn't steam on the inside. Let me tell you about Aiden Jensen. He's a phenomenal actor and when I got up there as Maggie and he got up there as Micah, we sizzled. But he was a nightmare. He ruined what started out to be one of the most fun and beautiful movies I've ever been a part of. See, Aiden's addicted to cocaine so he's twitchy, bitchy, constantly hot and sweaty, and an all around pain in the ass. He set us so far behind our deadline, I barely got any time off in between jobs. Jackhole.

As we pull into the lot where we're going to be filming the music video, I breathe a sigh of relief that my mother is in Paris right now. She calls incessantly when she knows I have a new project starting and if she was here instead of in Paris, she'd continue to throw her objections at me over this project.

This will be the first time that Sera and I would be working together in nearly nine months. Sera gets on film, just not for movies or television. She mostly models but she gets on camera for music videos. If we decide to get involved in a video, we always do so together. It's our one way of connecting to music together like we used to in high school. Sure we still jam out in private but it isn't the same. We'd both give anything to be up on that stage singing and performing to tens of thousands of people, to hear them singing our lyrics back to us. Yeah, that's my goal and my mother knows it.

Regina Russo wanted what she wanted and expected everyone else to fall in line and I've done so all my life--until now. I'm twenty-three years old. I'm an adult. It's time for my mom to cut the freaking cord already and let me live my life. She can focus on Joey's career. He's a phenomenal actor and he loves it, all of it--the fame and fortune, the media attention--whereas I look at it as merely a job. Yeah, I'm successful but it isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life.

"Did you ever find out what band the video was for?"

"No. Irene was supposed to get back to me but she's been dealing with the Aiden fiasco." Irene is my agent and she's nothing less than sensational. I pity her having to deal with Aiden as a client right now.

She nods. "It doesn't really matter. Irene and Cage only let us do videos with big-name bands anyway."

"True that. I don't mind going in blind so long as we get to jam a little."

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