Falling Down(6)

By: Anne Mercier

"I heard that."

We get out of the car and make our way inside the studio. There are multiple scenes set up for filming. Looks like this is going to be a really good video. It must be a massively popular band. I just hope it's rock and not rap. I love all kinds of music except for scream metal, techno/rave, and rap where every other word was fuck or bitch.

We're greeted by a familiar woman with a headset and clipboard dressed in a navy pencil skirt with a white short-sleeved straight-line sweater and an amazing pair of navy slingbacks.

"Miss Russo. Miss Manzini. I'm Marci Benson. It's a pleasure to see you again," she holds out a hand and both Sera and I shake it in greeting.

"Marci. Call us Lucy and Sera."

She nods at me. "The crew is here and setting up. The band won't be arriving until later. I'll take you back to the conference room where they'll let you know what their plan is for the day."

We trail behind as she continues to talk.

"There are no trailers for hair, makeup, or wardrobe. Since Mr. Nichols purchased the building, he added rooms in the back for all of that."

"Nice," Sera chimes in.

"There's coffee and some pastries available so feel free to help yourselves. If there is anything you need throughout the day, don't hesitate to ask someone to get in contact with me."


I see movement out of the corner of my eye but I'm too late to see who it is.

"Holy God, Lucy. Did you see who that was?"

"No. Who was it?"

"I can't be sure but it looked like Xander Mackenzie."

"From Falling Down?"

She nods.

"I don't think so. Kennedy is seeing that model. There's no way they'd need us if that were the case."

She tsks. "You of all people believing what they read in a gossip rag."

"It's not from a gossip rag. They were on Entertainment Tonight doing some red carpet thing. They even talked to the reporters together and confirmed they were on a date."

Sera shrugs. "Well okay then. It just looked like him, but then again there are a lot of rockers with tattooed arms and black hair with an amazing ass."

"True that." Jesse Kingston comes to mind. Yum.

We head into the conference room which is empty and I'm actually grateful. It's seven-thirty in the morning and I've only had one cup of coffee. This morning, all Sera and I managed was to get up, shower, and throw on comfortable clothes. I'm not a morning person and if I have to be up this early, I better be receiving a source of caffeine on a regular basis. I don't care what I look like before I get on set so no one better bag on my yoga pants and Deftones concert shirt either. That was one hell of a concert.

I head straight for the coffee, mix in some French vanilla creamer and sugar. Ah, thank God for Cage. He knows what I like. I pull back one of the plush black chairs at the table and take a seat. Then, only then do I savor the first sip of coffee. Oh my God. It's so good. It's strong, just the way I like it.

I must moan aloud because Sera starts laughing.


"Oh yeah." We're both sitting at the table, nibbling on pastries and drinking coffee. It's when I start to drink my third cup that Cage Nichols walks in with three people trailing behind. I elbow Sera who wiggles her eyebrows.

Cage Nichols is one of the most amazing video directors ever. He's also so super hot that women pant when he walks in the room. Take Sera for instance. Panting, right now.

His hair is cut short and he's semi-casual today in dress pants and a dress shirt. His body is to die for. I've been lucky enough to see him shirtless and the man is ripped. His dark brown eyes are twinkling as he walks over. I get up from the chair.

"Oh my God!"

He chuckles and gives me a hug. "No, darlin', just Cage."

I snort and Sera mumbles, "God works."

Pine. He smells like pine and soap and man. It's a comforting scent.

He smiles and I swear I can hear Sera's heartbeat speed up. "Sera, my love."

He pulls her into a hug and she jumps up, wrapping her legs around his waist. I burst out laughing.

"If I was your love, Cage, I wouldn't be single," she says with a pout, then lays a loud smacking kiss on his lips.

We've worked with Cage at least half a dozen times on different videos with different bands and he's always made it fun for everyone and the videos were phenomenal.

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