Falling Down(7)

By: Anne Mercier

Sera protests lightly when he sets her down and takes a seat at the head of the table.

"You remember Amanda, Dave, and Gina."

Sera and I nod. "Great to see you all again."

"Likewise," Dave says. Cage has amazing assistants who are loyal, professional, and I would love to steal them from him.

"So, ladies. We've got a special video we're going to start shooting today."

We both nod.

"I gave you a half hour to fuel up on your caffeine, Luce," he says with a wink. He looks at his watch. "The crew's already setting up and the band should be here in a little over an hour. I figured you both could go get all prettified before they get here so they don't have to wait."

"Temperamental artists?"

"Nah. There's just no reason for them to sit around here."

"You're awesome like that," Sera says with a purr. Cage winks at her.

"Get a room already. Sheesh." I'm not sure why they haven't already hooked up for as hot as they are for each other

They both look at me blankly. Yeah, uh-huh. We all know. As if they're fooling anyone.

"It's eight-fifteen in the damn morning. How the hell you two can be up for flirting, I have no clue."

Gina gets up and gets me more coffee.

"Bless you."

She smiles. "You're welcome."

"Dave, pass me that jelly filled doughnut."

Sera laughs.


"You're going to hate yourself later when you've got to run extra to burn off those calories."

"Hell no. We're going to be shaking our asses out there for the video, right Cage?"

He nods. "Oh yeah."

"Well, there you go. Exercise. Calories and doughnuts burned off." I take a big bite then lick the raspberry filling.

"Pig," Sera says with a laugh.

I take another bite.

"Alright, ladies. We start filming at ten. Head on over to makeup and get yourselves made up for our rock stars."

"Whose video is it?"

Cage smiles. "All I'm going to say is they're a big name and I know you definitely like them. I'll let you be surprised."


With a wink, he and his assistants leave the room.

"Well, let's get started."

Chapter Two


We're waiting in robes for hair and makeup to arrive. Sera's in the room next door looking through the clothes on the rack, clothes they're likely going to have us squeezing into and hanging out of. I took a quick peek at them. Skimpy.

"We're going to look seriously hot," Sera says.

"Like seriously hot hookers."

"Oh come on, Luce. When have we ever looked like hookers in any of Cage's videos?"

"True. It's just there's barely any material to those outfits. I'm afraid my hoohah is going to be showing."

Sera laughs. "That's what panties are for."

I'm ready to tell her that I don't want the world to see my panties when the hair and makeup team walk in.

"Ready for primping, ladies?" Spenser asks, perky as ever.

"Spenser! It's been too long!"

"Don't I know it. I've missed your gorgeous faces." He air kisses both cheeks then does the same to Sera.

Spenser Clarity is the best makeup artist I've ever encountered. Spenser is the best because he's worked long and hard to get there and he has natural talent. No one takes care of my skin and hair like Spenser. No one.

I note he has two new people working with him and wonder how he likes that. Spenser hates incompetence and is a perfectionist.

"New girls?" I ask with a raised brow.

"Yes and they're amazing. I got so lucky with these two. They were interning. Interning! If you can believe that. I saw what they could do and immediately snatched them up. Come here, girls."

The two gorgeous redheads walk up smiling.

"You've got to meet Lucy and Sera. We've got it made today. These two don't require much work at all, they're so naturally beautiful."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Simone and this is Carmen."

I smile, "A pleasure."

Sera mumbles incoherently around her pastry.

"So, what's on the agenda today? Looks like skimpy and slutty?"

"Oh, no. No. Definitely skimpy but never slutty. Not for you two. We always keep it classy."

"Thank God."

"Do you know who we're working with?" Sera asks.

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