Falling Down(9)

By: Anne Mercier

"Do we have wardrobe change?"

Spenser rolls his eyes. "Since when don't you have wardrobe change in a video?"

"A girl can hope. Let's go peek, Sera."

We head out into the studio, over to where there's a faux stage set up. Any and all graphics that would lead to our discovery of who our mystery band is are covered with black fabric.

"Ugh, Cage," Sera says with a laugh.

"Agreed. There's really no point to going any further."

Sera walks over and reaches for a guitar.

"Sera! What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like you're touching what is likely a temperamental musician's guitar! Put it back."

"Fuck that. We have thirty minutes. Let's jam."

I nearly bite my bottom lip then remember the lipstick. Glancing over to the guitars, I can't resist. I pick up the other acoustic guitar knowing full well someone's going to be pissed we're playing their instruments.

"What should we play?"


"Just Give Me A Reason. Let me get to the piano," I tell Sera. Piano. I love playing the piano and it's been entirely too long.

I take a seat and flex my fingers. "It's been a long time."

"That it has. Ready?"

I nod. "Count it out."

She does and we start playing and singing as if we haven't missed a day. When that song ends I go back for the guitar as Sera heads to the drums. I grin.

"We're going to be in so much trouble."

She grins and shrugs.

"Who Knew." Sera counts us off and we give it all we've got. We play a couple more P!nk songs, then I call for some Red.

"Last one. Never Be The Same."

"Nice," Sera says.

We lose ourselves in the music, the lyrics, the feel of the beat pulsing through our bodies. If we'd been paying attention, we'd have noticed them walk up, but we didn't and they don't stop us.

Out of nowhere an electric guitar starts up and a very recognizable male voice joins with mine. I nearly piss my pants. I'd know that voice anywhere but my eyes fly to my left to make sure my ears aren't playing tricks on me. When I'm met with a very sexy and smiling pair of whiskey-colored eyes I return their twinkle with my own.

When the song ends, my eyes are still wide and staring and I'm shaking slightly. Holy! Shit! Mother of God... I'm going to kick Cage's ass.

I hear Sera's gasp. She must notice Xander standing next to her, his arms crossed, grin on his face.

I can't speak, just stare.

"Well, say something. We know you can sing so we know your voice works."

Oh boy. Jesse Kingston. He doesn't sound all that amused even though he has a smirk on his face.


He tilts his head to the side then looks at Sera as she walks up.

"Yep, it's us."

He bursts out laughing. "I'd know that 'um' anywhere."

I thrust his guitar out toward him. "Here. Sorry." I stand up from the stool and smooth down my pants, flipping my loose curls over my shoulder.

He takes the guitar with one hand then throws his other arm around me, pulling me in for a hug. Holy Mother of God.


Huh? He remembers me? I breathe him in. God, he smells the same. Ocean and sandalwood and yum. His muscles are larger and he has a lot more sexy tattoos. I stand there stiffly and he steps back.

He quirks up a brow. "Really?"

"Huh?" is all I could come up with.


Sera sighs. "She only gets like that around you."

He gives her a disbelieving look and she shrugs.


"What's going on?" This comes from the sexy magnificence that is Ben Kingston.

"Holy Mother of God." I say under my breath.

All five of them, six including Sera, start laughing.

"Um, sorry we touched your precious," I say pointing to his guitar.

He chuckles. "Normally I'd want to break your fingers but since you knew what you were doing and used her for good instead of evil, I'll say it's no problem."

"What constitutes evil?"

"Taylor Swift."

I laugh.

He nods. "Why are you two not in a band? You're fucking terrific."

I shrug. "Long story."

"They always are."

"Well, I see you've already met."

"Sort of," Sera says.

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