The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(10)

By: Jessica Wren

“I’ve been trying to call you about Zylan and you ignore my calls because you’re here at the hospital with that bitch Tyler and Jaceyon, don’t even fucking get me started on you nigga. You are the KING of bitchassness. I hate both of y’all niggas. Fuccccccck you Donte! I hate your fucking guts! Why would you do this to me? My nigga, I did everything a wife was supposed to do. I was there for you Donte and you turn around and shit on me.”

By now, I had snot coming from my nose. The security officer tried to calm me down but it was no use. This shit cut me so deeply. I can’t believe he abandoned us for Tyler. I’m officially done! That bitch can have him. Donte didn’t have my back. For better or worse my ass. Fuck that nigga.

Chapter Four

Someone Took My Place with You


I felt there was something between us, bigger than us. Now the realization of loneliness is overwhelming. My heart is bleeding for Jaceyon. Someone took my place with him. Still, I want nothing but to be with Jaceyon and start brand new.

Taking a seat on the bench in the far right corner, I place my head in my hands and begin to cry. I was so tired of crying. Since this morning that is all I have been doing. I can’t believe Ceanna was up and leaving me here in this place. I begged her not to leave me alone and she turned her back on me. That shit spoke volumes to my heart and in that instance, hate started to cloud me.

For years I have been living in Ceanna’s shadow and suppressing my thoughts and jealousy. I keep those feeling hidden because she is truly a great friend and godmother to Jalisa. I couldn’t take that from her. At times, I was even jealous of the bond she has with Jalisa. My daughter loved her and sometimes I felt slighted, especially when Jalisa always wanted to stay over with her and Rayshawn.

A piece of me has always envied Ceanna. I hated her for all the pain she unknowingly caused me. I was tired of sitting back and playing second best to her. She had the best of everything, including the heart of the only man I’ve ever loved.

I hated with a passion, when Ceanna asked about Jalisa’s father. It was because of her that Jalisa and I were often alone. I couldn’t even tell my own daughter that her Uncle Ray was her father. That pained me to my core and it was something I struggled with every day.

There were so many times I wanted to tell Ceanna about Rayshawn, or Jaceyon as she knows him, but I just couldn’t. As much hate brewed inside of me towards Ceanna, not even I could bring myself to be the cause of her pain. She was too good to me and you just don’t find people like Ceanna often. She truly is a rare breed.

“Tonya!” I look up to see Melody standing in front of me.

I wanted to scream at this hoe; but what good would it do? We were both locked up and looking around the room at all these strange women. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t good to see a familiar face, even if it is the face of a bitch I don’t like.

Melody takes it upon herself to sit next to me. I shifted a little because I just fought this hoe so I didn’t know what her true intensions were. Once I saw her tears, I knew she was just as afraid as I was. Both of our children were taking into custody while we sat in here not knowing the whereabouts or mental state of our children.

I know my Jalisa is terrified. Other than Ceanna, Rayshawn, Mia Symone, Asia, Keisha, Marcus, her little cousins, Zylan, my neighbor, her two children and Melody, Jalisa doesn’t know anyone. I am always protective over her and who I allow her to interact with. I just pray that my baby is okay. I would never forgive myself if something happens to her.

“Tonya, I want to apologize for how I came at you earlier. I was wrong and I am woman enough to admit that. It’s just Tyler is my baby sister and I was so tired of her crying to me about how she gets treated by you guys. My family has been through so much,” Melody stated sincerely.

“Look Melody, it’s all good, but you and I both know that if we weren’t sitting in this fucked up cell that we would be beefing in the streets. I’m sorry for the things I said about your sister. Truth is, I don’t know her or her story but at the same time, she is very disrespectful towards Keisha and Keisha knew nothing about her.” I threw my head back and rested it on the wall.

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