The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(2)

By: Jessica Wren

Only a twinge of guilt would hit me at times. Ceanna gave me everything and she was really good people. Anything I wanted or needed, all I had to do was ask. All in all, I always felt like a fucking charity case and a bum bitch standing next to her.

In my entire life, I never understood why I was dealt the cards I was dealt. So instead of begging, seeking understanding, asking for guidance or even praying to the most high, I said fuck it all together.

God didn’t walk with me or answer any of my prayers. He turned his back on me a long time ago. Yet and still, here I am about to pray to the HEAVENS for some miracle and relief of this pain.

As soon as a bitch gets better, I promise I’m coming for Ceanna’s ass when she least expects it. Oh, and that baby she is carrying by my man, will not make it to see this world. If she thinks I’m a cold bitch now for fucking Jaceyon behind her back and in her house, she ain’t seen a damn thing.

As I am raving in my head, I pause when I hear Ceanna going in on Jaceyon, crying and shit. Oh, bitch, get over it. Does she really believe somebody as fine as Jaceyon would be faithful to her wide ass or want her? I mean really! Bitch please! He is with the winning team, which ain’t her. The fuck outta here. These big bitches kill me. Wait though, is this hoe singing? OMG! I’m fucking dying. If a bitch could laugh right now, I would. Who the fuck does that? Wait, never mind, her depressing ass does. This shit right here is for the birds. Hell, I need some help and I can’t listen to any more of this shit show.

I felt myself slipping by the minute. The last thing I heard before I fell into a deep sleep was siren, orders from a police officer and the love of my love stating he needed to be with me.

Chapter One

I think I’m in love With My Side Bitch


Dig these blues! On some real shit, shit just got out of hand today. To be honest, this has to be one of the worst fucking days of my life. All I wanted to do was get to the Valle, knock Mia Symone down one last time, get back to Ceanna and enjoy the rest of my Thanksgiving Day. Shit is all fucked up now!

“Wait, she’s pregnant, I need to be with her!” I yelled out and hurried to the EMS workers. They were about to load Mia Symone in the ambulance.

I look back once more and my heart aches, seeing Ceanna go down to the ground. The rest of the ladies were handcuffed and being place in police vehicles. Tonya is crying and screaming something to me about Jalisa. I turn a deaf ear, because right now Mia Symone needs me and I’ll just have to worry about Jalisa another time.

“Excuse me, but which hospital are we taking her to?” a tall EMS lady with long brown hair asked, as soon as I jumped in the back of the ambulance.

“Seton, please,” I stated in a low voice and looked out the back window. I know I ain’t shit right now, but my heart wants to be with Mia Symone at this moment. I love her!

A single tear slips and I sigh deeply. Just thinking of how cruel I was to Mia Symone last night about aborting my child, hurts my heart. As I hold her hand on this bumpy ambulance ride, I can’t help but to say a silent prayer that the baby is okay. I gently kiss the back on Mia Symone’s left hand as more tears fall freely.

Damn man, Ceanna did a number on Mia Symone. Her once perfect, light, blemish free skin is now covered with dried blood, as black, blue and purple marks arise on its surface. Her lips are swollen with a spilt on the bottom. I’m sure it will need stitches. Both of her eyes are swollen shut and assessing the sunken look on the left side of her face, either Ceanna broke her jaw or her teeth are missing. Her nails are broken and three are completely ripped off, causing the tips of her fingers to bleed.

This is all my fault. I never thought my shit would catch up to my ass. Now I don’t even know if I can make any of this right. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I do know I don’t wanna lose Ceanna behind this shit. Rubbing my goatee, I sigh again. Damn man, Ceanna is my world. I gotta figure out how to lie my way through this shit.

To be all the way one hundred though, a nigga kind of just got caught up. Instead of doing right by Ceanna, being a man and addressing my feelings about her weight, I just got my needs met other places. Not saying the shit is right but shit, with a fine ass yellow-bone like Mia Symone around, I just couldn’t myself.

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