The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(3)

By: Jessica Wren

Letting go of Mia Symone’s hand and sitting back on the narrow bench, I rest my elbows on my knees. Today has been one helluva day. All this shit could have been avoided if Mia Symone stayed in fucking her lane. I don’t know what the fuck possessed her to come over to my T-Lady’s the way she had, but when she showed up looking fuckable and ready, I just couldn’t help myself. I replayed back everything in my mind. This shit was wild mane. I laugh as today’s events replay like a trailer, starring me and all these thots.

Everybody in Austin knew I was that NIGGA and Marcus knows what it is. I don't know why this nigga was testing me, trying to make scenes and shit, staring me down. This nigga was pressed over all my bitches; but on some real shit, Ceanna’s ass ain’t going nowhere and Mia Symone is still and will always be my bitch. If that nigga kept coming for me, his wife was going to be my bitch too. The way she looked at a nigga already told me she wants this dome piece all up in and through her life, and I'm the nigga that will get it poppin’. She’s fine as hell too.

To clear some shit up, I’mma break this shit down and start with Mia Symone. I know what I know and what I know is real. That’s everybody’s nut bucket. I knew Marcus was smashing shorty too, which is why Mia Symone could never be wifey. Too many niggas knew what her walls felt like. Call me petty, but no nigga want the next nigga to know the depths of his woman's womb. Yet and still with that being said, a piece of me would be lying if I said I didn’t feel some type of way towards Marcus, with his bitch ass.

With Tonya, I admit I hated to see the look on baby girl’s face when she asked me if I was fucking Mia Symone. I knew I hurt her; but so many things turned me off about Tonya and truthfully, that wasn’t her business. I felt like she was just my baby mama and needed to stay in her lane. She and my daughter, Jalisa wasn’t hurting for nothing, so what difference did it make if I was fucking Mia Symone. I didn’t owe Tonya shit so she can miss me with them fake ass tears.

Tonya was a cool chick and we have a deep history that bonds us; but overtime she became too weak, needy, always needed reassurance, and whined too much for a nigga. Other than my daughter Jalisa, I did care for Tonya a great deal; but that pretty much was it. Many things turned me off which could be overlooked, but the main thing that stopped me from completely falling for her is her low self-esteem.

Dig this, I couldn’t respect a woman who thought it was okay to be second or settled for anything, which is why I married Ceanna. There is something commendable about a female that doesn’t take a nigga's shit. Ceanna will say fuck a nigga and dismiss your ass where you stand. She ain't playing that shit. The rest of the broads could learn some shit from her. They have no loyalty or class about themselves. I felt like this, if you allow a nigga to drag your ass through the mud continuously, then how could you expect me to respect you? Furthermore, I might be a dog ass nigga, but where there are no good women, there are no good men and if hoes didn’t make it so easy for us niggas, then we would have no choices. That’s some real nigga shit for yo’ ass.

Honestly, I feel like Stevie J in this bitch (I laugh). Hoes always wanna play victim and shit to make you out to be some hoe ass nigga, but yet have no problems fucking their best friend’s man. Hoes will even know you have a woman and not give a fuck, yet when a nigga turns around and fuck the next bitch, he a fuck boy and doing her wrong. I don’t understand that shit. Just like Tonya and Mia Symone, if they can’t be loyal to Ceanna, then how the fuck am I the bad guy? We all have choices and they are just letting me have the cake, ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and cherry. All a nigga got do is lay the dick down properly and these hoes be turning over back accounts. These hoes ain't loyal.

After my stare off with Marcus, I smirked and turned to walk off. That nigga wasn’t talking about nothing. I blew him and Tonya’s ass off. I was just excited to be able to get my dome piece wet in peace by Mia Symone without all the distractions. I pause then laugh. I can’t believe that hoe ass nigga, Avantae stood by and watched us fucked earlier. Not only did he fuck up my nut, but this nigga had the nerve to press me about my bitch, Ceanna. The fuck?

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