The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(4)

By: Jessica Wren

A nigga stuck his key in the keyhole grinning and shit. My manhood started to stiffen and I couldn’t wait to feel the warm pleasure I was about to receive. Once I opened the door, nothing could have prepared me for the shit I was about to see. CEANNA IS GOING TO KILL MY MOTHERFUCKING ASS.

When we left this morning to go over to my T-Lady’s crib, Ceanna had this house looking right. Now it looked like a fucking tornado done came through here. Man, look at this shit.

Rubbing the sides on my goatee, I try to calm myself down. The love I have for Mia Symone and the fact that she is carrying my seed, won't let me react violently towards her, but the gangster in me wanna body this bitch right now though. I began pacing to calm myself but my calm demeanor turns into rage again, once I see all the damage. 'Ah, fuck this!' I grunt while punching a hole through the living room wall.

Pinching the brim of my nose, I count to ten and refrain myself from reacting on emotions. I’m so fucking pissed that all I am thinking about is how in the fuck I’m I suppose to explain what happened to our home to Ceanna. She is going to lose it once she knows Blue is dead. If I tell her it was a robbery, she's the type to call the laws and have their asses all up in here. I don’t need that shit and with all the damage Mia Symone has caused, ain’t no way I can clean this shit up in a respectable amount of time.

I sigh deeply and take a good look at Mia Symone. I regret ever fucking with this broad. Thinking back, I should have never stepped foot in that damn strip club. If I would have just went to Houston and came back home, I wouldn’t even be in this situation.

I tried to break things off with Mia Symone again, as I did last night. I'm foul as fuck for disrespecting Ceanna like that. I should have never given Mia Symone the key or fucked with her period. I should have made Mia Symone leave, but I just couldn’t resist her.

Damn man, I got so caught with Mia Symone’s fine ass that I lost track of time. Just when a nigga was about to get dressed, my truck alarm sounds off, along with the sound of shattered glass. I thought maybe it was a child playing football or some shit, and accidently busted my window; but I was all wrong.

Once I saw it was Ceanna, time had stopped. I never wanted Ceanna to find out about her cousin or any of the fuck boy shit I had been doing. Ceanna is good ass woman and truth be told, a nigga like me doesn’t deserve her. When she started singing to me, I swear I couldn’t help but shed tears. I was paralyzed with guilt and amazement. Ceanna’s voice was so beautiful and unique. I never even knew she could sing.

I wanted to reach out and hold Ceanna, but what could I say or do at this point? So much had happened today. So much drama and commotion. As I think of it, I’m the cause of it all. ‘Damn’ I whisper while biting down on my bottom lip.

I paused my thoughts for a moment on today's events and look at the EMS worker check Mia Symone’s pulse. She is lying on the stretcher still and lifeless. Damn I hope my seed makes it. I hold my head back down and return back to my thoughts.

Cameras were flashing as onlookers videotaped and captured Jerry Springer filled moments. I was sure this shit would go viral. My heart broke when I saw Jalisa and the kids crying. I couldn’t believe Tonya and Marcus’ wife were fighting like two basic hood bitches. It was just too much for a nigga. I couldn’t do anything but look up towards the clouds for a sign. All this shit could have been null and void if I would have just kept my dick in check.

Whoop, Whoop “This is APD, everybody put your fucking hands up now.” I remained stuck like a deer in highlights until I heard moans coming from Mia Symone. That’s when I notice EMS trying to secure her. At that point, all I could think of was the safety of my unborn. My feelings were so conflicted. I love my wife, but I think I’m in love with my side bitch too.

Chapter Two

Hurts so Good, Love the Way You Lie


Can a bitch hit the rewind button and start this shit over? You know what, fuck a rewind and hit skip. If I had known shit was going to pop off today the way it had, then hunny let me tell you; y’all can have this shit right here. Got a bitch caught up, stressing and shit.

Pregnant and need to be with her, was all I fucking heard. Was this nigga serious? After all that he has done, the lies, the betrayal, fucking my cousin in my house, he had the nerve to knock this bitch up too? For a minute, I thought I was tripping or hearing things, but once I took my head out of my hands and looked up, I saw Jaceyon running towards Mia Symone to help the EMS workers.

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