The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(5)

By: Jessica Wren

I can’t describe the emotions I felt. All I know is he had me fucked all the way up. Something inside of me snapped. I jump up from where I am sitting and charges at Jaceyon. Suddenly I felt this unexplainable pain go through my body. It took my big ass down quickly making me hit my head on the concrete. It took me a minute to come to. I looked up and all I saw were stars. I’m dazed and my body feels like dead weight, as I struggle to move.

I hear a lot of commotion around me, but really can’t see what’s going on. I hear sirens and the closing of doors. If I’m not tripping,I swear I heard Tonya screaming to Jaceyon something about Jalisa too. Yeah I’m tripping, I think to myself. I try to refocus my eyes to see who is placing my hands behind my back, cuffing them and then lifting me; but it’s no use, I’m weak. All I can do is close my eyes and lay my head against someone’s chest.

The slamming of the car door jilted me out of the slumberous state I was in. I jumped for a second and close my eyes again. My heart is heavy and it feels like at any moment I am going to have a panic attack. I feel my chest tighten.

My thoughts begin racing and a chill runs through me. I think of Jaceyon, Avantae and then back to Jaceyon again. Although I want Avantae, a piece of me is afraid to give another man all of me; plus, I am married to his brother, so how does that look? Then I battle with the fact that I know Jaceyon ain’t shit, but honestly, my pride, ego and the time I put in with Jaceyon makes me want to stay. Not stay as in ‘I love him’ stay, well that too, but truthfully, I refuse to let Mia Symone win, when I put in all this work and time. That bitch doesn’t get to benefit off of me and my hard work. Fuck that!

“Ugh!!!!” I let out a loud yell. These handcuffs are too tight. Hell, I'm a big bitch and they got my hands cuffed behind my back all tight and shit. This shit hurts!

“You need to calm down ma’am,” the female officer in the passenger seat stated in a nasty tone.

Hold up, was this bitch talking to me though… me? I questioned in my head. Struggling with my vision, I am finally able to focus a little out of my left eye. I look upside this Nikki Ma Nah Nah’s head and think 'bitch bye'. This hoe looks ridiculous. Looking like a rent-a-tire. The long, matted, blonde weave was enough to make me go off on her ass alone. I couldn't stand a tacky ass quick weave and she is wearing that Keisha Ka’oir blue lipstick looking a hot fucking mess and wayment… aw hell to the n'all, I know that is not White Diamonds perfume I smell. Let me find out!

“Bitch please! Calm down? Calm down? Fuck that! Do you know what kind of day I had? No, you don’t! So if your man ain’t fucking your cousin and got the bitch pregnant, I suggest you don’t say shit to me, looking like a fucking two dollar knock off Barbie in the package from The Dollar General Store,” I yelled and saw that her partner was silently cracking up laughing.

Silence… yeah, I wish that bitch would say something else to me. I give two fucks today about a uniform or one timer. With the way I’m set up and feeling, her ass can get introduced to these hands too. Hell I’m hungry too and pregnant, somebody better tell this hoe who Ceanna is.

I’m so pissed off, more so at myself. I can’t believe I am going to jail for this shit. I ain’t never did shit to nobody. Silent tears slip and I feel myself on the verge of breaking. Times like these I wish my parents were still here.

Ever since I lost both of my parents, I haven’t been one to want to celebrate holidays. Jaceyon knew this, which is why I was so upset when he told Gina we would be there for dinner. It wasn’t as if his family treated me kindly or with respect, with the exception of his Uncle Samuel and brother, Avantae.

When I came around Jaceyon’s family, they were always dry as fuck with me and I always got dirty looks for my weight. I’m so tired of motherfuckas feeling like a big bitch is supposed to feel less about herself or silently shooting slugs, inquiring about how someone as fine as Jaceyon would choose to be with me.

I made a huge mistake marrying Jaceyon. I don’t know what I was thinking when I married him. At the fucking courthouse at that as if I wasn’t worthy to be seen walking down the aisle. This shit hurts so badly and I don’t even know if I can get through this. I can’t believe Jaceyon did me like this and to think he would get Mia Symone pregnant makes me so sick to my stomach. He chose that bitch over me today. I wanna cry out so badly, but I refuse to appear weak in front of other people.

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