The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(6)

By: Jessica Wren

I never even got a chance to tell Jaceyon about our baby that I am carrying and now I regret everything, including this pregnancy. Maybe Jaceyon not knowing is a good thing. Maybe I should just abort this baby, file for divorce and gone on about my business.

As the vehicle takes the 12th street exit, my stomach begins turning in knots. The realization that within the next ten minutes or so, we will be at the jail terrifies me. All I know is I better be getting out of here soon or Jaceyon is going to catch a bullet fucking with me. I’m telling you, right fucking now; I betta be out by midnight or I’m lighting everybody’s fucking ass up like the fourth July around this bitch. Donte’s bitch ass too, his mama too, matter of fact his whole fucking family. Fuck all of them and that’s how I feel.

Once we get to the jail the female officer who was driving and had silently laughed at the Nikki Ma Nah Nah, helped me out of the vehicle. She was gentle and gave me a friendly head nod. Her nametag read ‘Vera’ and she reminded me of Vanessa Williams who played in the Soul Food series. Her dreads were long, and neatly styled into a faux hawk. She was a mocha brown complexion with these big, beautiful brown eyes. Her lips were full and she had high cheekbones. She was beautiful with very polite mannerism.

I didn’t know what to expect once we entered the facility. I used to watch jail movies and shit and I just knew some super big bitch named Pam was going to try to take my goodies. I laugh! It was nothing like that though. Vera removed my handcuffs, I was fingerprinted and I had my picture taken. Before I was taken off to a holding cell, Vera whispered in my ear. She told me that things would be fine. She had also given me a pair of socks and these awful brown jail sandals. That shit threw my outfit off completely. I just hope one of my neighbors was nice enough to at least put my expensive pumps on my doorstep. I nodded my head and silently thanked Vera for her kindness.

Vera escorted me down a hallway when she suddenly stopped me in front of a huge holding cell. Many women were held here from different backgrounds. I didn’t belong here and my anxiety levels rose.

As soon as Vera opened the metal door, all eyes were on me. I searched around the cell searching for familiar faces. Like a pit bull, I was instantly ready to lock and rip this bitch Melody into pieces. My breathing picked up and my left eye began jumping. I can’t believe that bitch tried me earlier.

“Ceanna, uh uh! I need for you to see and don’t see this bitch. Go in there and sit down. A call has already been placed to Judge Pitts. I called in a favor once I recognized who you were. Your mother used to be my best friend. You will be out of here tonight. Avantae has already paid for your bail and unless anyone presses charges against you, I will see to it that everything that took place today disappears,” Vera spoke quickly above a whisper.

Nodding my head in understanding, I slowly walked into the cell. I avoid Melody and spot Tonya sitting on the floor with her back turned to everyone. Her knees are pulled up towards her body as her head rest on them. You can see that she is crying by the way her shoulders are moving up and down.

Making my way towards Tonya, I take a moment to look around the holding cell. There are old benches lined around the cell. The benches are slightly filled up with all types of women. Some look like streetwalkers or strippers, some look like they are extremely intoxicated while others look lost and scared. In the corner sat a nasty, silver toilet. The cell reeked of musk, tart stale pussies, fish, shit and period. I gagged a couple of times and knew that sooner or later I would be vomiting.

I couldn't image my life living in here. I truly don't know what happened that made me snap like that. I should have had more control over my anger. As I think about everything that happened today, I think I might need help to cope and deal with things in a different manner, other than fucking people up. I've blacked out more times than I can count, but bitches are always coming for me. I swear they do! If it’s not the skinny bitches, it's a bitch mad because her man looked at me. If the bitch can't get too close to me then hoes want to lie on me. If the bitch can't see me sweat, next the bitch wants to be in my bed with my man. I swear, sometimes I just need a fucking break. I don't bother nobody and I'm the sweetest person you'll meet. But it's always a motherfucka that just got to tap a nerve. Now here I am in this dirty ass cell and sadly, all I envision is Mia Symone leaking somewhere with Jaceyon’s ass next to her.

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