The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(7)

By: Jessica Wren

“Pop, Pop Goes My Nine” by Master P is the song in my head as I think of Melody. I swear I want to light this hoe up. The fuck is this bitch problem, mane? Truth be told if anybody should feel some type of way it's me. This low budget, can't get it right hoe, been coming up in my boutique playing loaded. I knew who her ass was from jump; but I don't address nothing ass hoes, which is what Melody is. Her ass was the mistress when Marcus was with me. She was the one he was fucking behind my back. She was the bitch that gave him a STD that was passed to me. She was the reason I miscarried my child. So what the fuck is she mad at me for?

See, these hoes like Melody fail to realize if a nigga cheats with you on the next bitch, you can best believe he’ll cheat on yo’ ass too. Like your pussy made of gold or some shit. Knock it off and get the fuck outta here. Now this hoe all in her feelings because Marcus’ ass can't let go, and I still have a piece of his heart. That nigga check for my ass every day and every year; but who ain't checking for his ass is me. He wanted that skinny ass hoe, so don't come looking for love my way.

I take one last look over at Melody and gave her ass the look of death. She diverted her eyes elsewhere and I smirked. Ole scary ass! I’m still going to tag that ass when I catch her in them streets; but for now I’mma let her make it and chill the fuck out.

Taking a seat next to Tonya, I wrapped my arms around her and she slightly jumps. Once she looked up and saw it was me, she placed her head on my shoulder and silently cried. In this very moment it takes me back to when I first met Tonya in that nasty ass bathroom. I love this girl and would literally give her my kidney if she needed it. She has truly been a good friend to me and I trust her with my life.

“Jalisa, what’s going to happen to my baby?” Tonya whispered through tears.

“I don’t know boo, but we will get through this just like we always do. What about her father? Is there any way you can get in contact with him, to see the whereabouts of Jalisa?” I asked.

Silence. Tonya rarely spoke of Jalisa’s father. I never really pressed the issue because if that was something Tonya wanted to share with me, she would. However, today was different. With us being locked up on a holiday, we won’t see the judge until Monday and she has no clue who has Jalisa or where she is.

‘Tonya, I’m saying though, where is Jalisa’s father? Maybe he can take her home and at least she’ll be in good care until you get out of here. Trust me, you do not want Jalisa going into foster care,” I pressed.

“Ceanna, leave it alone and fucccck that nigga. He chose that bitch over my baby,” Tonya cried.

I left the issue alone and started looking at her ass upside her head. Tonya just pissed me off with that shit. She up in here worried about some random bitch, instead of calling this nigga to address the safety and well-being of Jalisa. Standing up, I had to move away from Tonya. Her ass done put me on ten with that weak-minded shit. Hell, Jalisa ain’t even my child. How am I over here more worried than she was?

This jail shit was for the birds. I had been sitting in here too long. I swear I was about to lose my mind at any minute; but just like God, won’t He do it. The opening of the door got my attention. I shot my head in the direction of the door and smiled. There was Vera calling my name.

“Ceanna Black-Thomas, let’s go!” Vera yelled.

“Whaattttt?” Tonya yelled, jumping off the floor, standing in front of me with pleading eyes.

“What about me?” Tonya cried.

“Don’t worry Tonya. I’m going to see what I can find out about Jalisa through Asia. Whenever you get to use a phone, call me. I’mma also see if I can get you outta of here,” I spoke sincerely, while wiping away tears from Tonya’s face.

“I love you Tonya.”

“I love you too Ce. Please don’t leave me by myself in here Ceanna.” Tonya began sobbing

“Tonya, be strong boo. You’ll be fine and I promise I’mma get you out of here.”

Tonya looked at me and for some reason I felt something in my spirit that was off. I can’t explain it. The look Tonya gave me is a look I’ve see too many times. It was one of hate, jealousy and revenge. I blew it off for now. I couldn’t see why she would be feeling any type of way towards me, but I couldn’t dwell on that. A bitch was just glad to be leaving this place.

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