The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2(8)

By: Jessica Wren

Chapter Three

I'm Over You


The tears won’t stop filling my eyes, staining my beautiful face or soaking my pillow at night. Donte can rehearse a thousand words to me and it won’t remove this pain. I know because I’ve cried a thousand tears. Today broke me! It will forever be a memory of failure, loss of hope and the future. I’m officially done!

“Damn, look at my fucking face. Talked all that shit and got my ass whopped. I can’t believe Donte stood by and did nothing,” I complained in the mirror.

Standing in my bathroom, I shake my head in disgust. I can barely see, as I nurse the wounds on my face. Just looking at myself in the mirror, snaps Kodak moments of how Tyler fucked me up. The more I stare at the battered reflection staring back at me, the heavier my breathing becomes. I place my left hand over my chest and tell myself to breathe. It is no use though because as soon as Keyshia Cole’s raspy, soulful voice came through the speakers in my bedroom, I let out a loud scream of pain I had been holding.

Every girl's got to go through it

And every man's got to go through it

It's a thing called love

Listen to me now, listen to me

I still remember the day that you said you was a bad boy

Man I should have listened when you said you was a bad boy

You took control of me

I thought you would change for me

Keyshia Cole - Thought You Had My Back

As the song continues, I think back over today’s incident. I hold on to the edge of the sink and sit down on the fluffy, soft, circular black mat. My stomach hurts and I can’t bear the pain.

I play with my wedding ring and I realize, Donte and I are over. More tears run down my butter soft chocolate skin. Today was so fucked up and I knew I should have just stayed my ass at home.

As messy as people try to make me out to be, I’m really the type of chick that see and don’t see, hear and don’t hear. I try to stay out the way ‘cause lawd knows I have my shit too. I knew everybody’s business; just like I knew all about Mia Symone and Jaceyon, I also knew how unfaithful Jaceyon was to Ceanna with other women. Call me dirty or whatever but y’all know just like I know, you can’t tell a woman shit about her man or when to leave that nigga alone.

Every woman has her love limit; besides, telling Ceanna was going to do one of two things. Either she would not believe me or that nigga was going to fill her head up about me and cause our bond to shift. I didn’t want to lose Ceanna as a friend and I damn sure didn’t need any more damn drama in my marriage.

Jaceyon and my husband, Donte are always together. Truth be told I can’t stand Jaceyon’s ass and I wish the nigga would just go play in traffic and flat line. That’s how much I hated him. Every time he come around, Donte gets to acting brand new and shit. When those two niggas are together their asses is up to know good. Straight up!

There were so many times while Ceanna was crying over Jaceyon’s bullshit, that I wanted to come right out and tell her. Asia would tell me every time to leave it alone. She always told me what happens in the dark will come to the light. Little did I know, I should have focused less on my disdain for Jaceyon and more on my own husband Donte.

For the longest, in the pit of my stomach I felt Donte was still seeing this bad built hoe, Tyler behind my back. I just couldn’t prove it. Every time I tried to sneak up on Donte, it seemed as if he was one step ahead.

None of that shit matters because today, after seeing Donte kiss that bitch’s forehead and catering to her, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I couldn’t take anymore. I valued that this would be Zylan’s and my last time dealing with Donte’s family. I was done!

Once Uncle Samuel dropped Zylan and me off at home, I kissed Ceanna on the cheek and silently nodded thank you at Uncle Samuel. I carried a sleeping Zylan and limped my sore, battered body into the house. I hadn’t seen Donte anymore after that. He never checked on his wife or son, which broke my heart into pieces.

With all my strength, I tried taking Zylan to his room to lay him down; but my battered body gives out on me, so I placed him on the red, leather sectional in the living room.

Tears stream down my face as I made my way to my bedroom. I feel myself breaking so I turn the stereo on so Zylan couldn’t hear my loud sobs. I cry and kick my legs on the floor as Keyshia Cole sang “Thought You Had My Back.” Donte hurt me to my core and as my husband he failed me.

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