The Worst Thots Ever Vol. 2

By: Jessica Wren

A 512 Scandal Vol. 2

Dedication to Readers

Words cannot express how much you mean to me.

Thank you to all of you who have walked with me on this journey.

I am so humbled and grateful.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many of you.

Each and every one of you brightens my day.

At times when I felt like giving up, one of you would leave a message, reach out, or tell me how much I’m your favorite author.

As I type this tears are flowing.

My heart is so filled with joy.

You just don’t understand how much of a blessing you are to me.

Hugs to you all!

I hope you enjoyed and don't be a stranger!


Tears the mind can't tell are true,

Pain the heart can't share.

Anger wrapped up in deceit,

It's more than I can bear.

The hurt and torture deep inside,

The scalding pain of hate.

The sadness deep inside my soul,

That anger did create.

The anger causes pain inside,

Too deep to understand.

And the pain, in turn, will cause,

More malice to my hand.

The scourge I lay upon you now,

You surely cannot break.

This curse will last for on and on,

You've made a grave mistake.

By: Kim Hoote

The Worst Thots Ever: A 512 Scandal Vol. 2: Intro

Long Heels Red Bottoms: I’m still that Bitch

Mia Symone

Make no mistakes about it. Ceanna put her hands on the wrong motherfucking person today. I promise I will be coming for that ass sooner than later. When I strike, that bitch will feel my wrath. As of now, I’mma take this ass whooping.

I can’t believe Jaceyon and I got caught slipping the way we had. I’m still trying to figure out how Ceanna’s ass got all the way out here from Austin. I literally froze when I saw her. I felt like I had to either shit or fart. Hell, my body didn’t know what it wanted to do; but I’mma tell you this much, I’m fucking sore as hell. Damn! Ceanna fucked my ass up for REALLL. I took my ass whooping though. I didn’t care about my face as long as she didn’t touch my stomach.

This big bitch was not playing with me, DO YOU HEAR ME? She was like that mama that whooped her child’s ass and talked shit at the same damn time. That was her! Her ass did not get tired either. I just laid there praying for a sign. If Ceanna kept punching and stomping me, I knew for a fact I would lose the only piece of Jaceyon I had. I wanted my baby!

Three minutes of an ass whooping by Ceanna felt like days. I felt this bitch even rip my tightly glued lace front wig off, and NIGGA, that shit hurt like hell. Damn, a bitch already has struggling peek-a-boo edges as it is; now my entire hairline in the front is gone too.

I can taste the bitterness of blood and I know my teeth are missing. Jealous ass bitch! She knows my ass is light-skinned and this hoe done fucked up my face, teeth and hairline.

Finally, her big ass got off me. I laid still. I couldn’t move if I wanted to. It even feels like my ankle is broken due to Ceanna stepping on it. I tried opening my eyes, but it is no use. They’re swollen, almost completely shut. My nose also feels broken.

Damn, I should have never jumped on Jaceyon’s dick again; but shit, I just couldn’t help myself. Since I have been pregnant, my hormones have been on one thousand and I just can’t seem to get enough sex to save my life. I needed that dick like air.

The longer I lay here the more I feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness. My fucking head and body aches so bad right now. Normally I don’t pray, but I will today. I’ll do anything to subdue this pain.

The fucked up thing about everything that has happened today and everything that I’ve done to Ceanna, is Ceanna is the only person who actually gives a fuck about me. I should be grateful for her; but I am not. I hate that bitch and everything associated with her.

Truthfully, Ceanna doesn’t deserve a fine ass nigga like Jaceyon, I do. I mean, have you seen her ass? Now that's a big bitch! Jaceyon doesn't even want to be seen with her wide ass, so you damn right I fuck with him the long way. I’m that bitch and one day Jaceyon will love me the same way I love him.

I mean damn, Ceanna had everything growing up and still do. It’s just not fair at all, so me fucking Jaceyon is something she’ll get over. I'm over here wanting to laugh my ass off. Her fucking face was priceless when Jaceyon and I came running out the house. Actually if I could smile right now, I would. I’m so happy knowing that I’m responsible for her pain. I know that’s fucked up;but I’m a cold bitch. Boop!

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