Amy (Aces MC Series Book 3.5)(10)

By: Aimee-Louise Foster

"Is everything okay Recon?" I opened my eyes slowly as Spike came into focus looking concerned. "Did she ask you to leave?" he asked concerned.

"Told me not asked!" I stated as I pushed from the door and walked up the corridor.

"You need to give her the benefit of the doubt Recon!" I heard him shout after me.

"I don't need to give her shit!" Spike meant well but I wasn't hanging around for the Spanish inquisition, my pride was hurt and I needed to go and lick my wounds.

I stomped out of the hospital doors and towards the car park as I removed a fag from its box. Placing my hands around my fag, I tried to light it, I needed something to calm down quickly. I bumped into someone accidently as I was preoccupied, "Sorry mate!" I stated as I managed to light it.

"You leaving so soon."

I looked up to see Diesel, "Yeah, I'm going back to the clubhouse." I stated bluntly before turning back towards the car park.

"Well you couldn't have wanted to see her that much then," Diesel scoffed.

I ignored his comment, I could've turned back and answered his statement but I wasn't in the mood. It would result in a fight and I'd end up being reprimanded by the club for my efforts.

I sat on my motorcycle and took another puff on my fag while I contemplated my options. She'd made me feel like a total dick and to make matters worse Spike had seen the ring and was well aware of my intentions. He wouldn't run his mouth because that wasn't Spike but all the same, I wasn't comfortable with the situation. When Amy eventually got out of hospital and was feeling better, she'd be hanging around the club again and I didn't know at this stage if I'd be able to cope seeing her around, and it would break my heart if she got with another bloke. I threw my fag on the ground and fastened my helmet securely under my chin before I rode from the car park towards the clubhouse. I needed to see Viper and let him know of my intentions before I changed my mind.

"Did you manage to see Ames?" Duke asked as I stomped into the clubhouse.

"Yeah," I said as I glanced around looking for Viper. "Where's Prez?" I asked walking further into the room.

Duke narrowed his eyes slightly and sat forward on his chair, "In his office. Why, what's up Recon?"

"I need to speak to you both." I was feeling anxious but I needed to do this now before I changed my mind. I wasn't usually an impulsive person but this situation required drastic action.

"Do you want to speak to me first to see if I can help?" Duke stood and made his way towards me. I didn't want to talk to him as I knew he would try to talk me out of it. We'd become close friends over recent years and his relationship with Amy was strong so I didn't want to put any pressure on him to chose sides as that would make things awkward.

"No, I need to speak to you together." I turned on my heels and briskly walked in the direction of Viper's office, I needed to get this off my chest quickly and hopefully they'd let me go.

I knocked on the door although it was open and Viper looked up from his paperwork and nodded his head indicating for me to enter. I felt someone behind me and glanced over my shoulder to see that Duke had joined us, which I was grateful for and made my way over to the leather sofa positioned against the wall on the left of the room.

Viper glanced at Duke and he shrugged as if to say he didn't know what this was all about as it wasn't the norm to just request a meeting with both of them.

"Okay Recon you have our attention, now what do you want?" Viper leaned back in his chair and placed his boots on the desk looking at me intently. That's what I liked about Viper, he never beat around the bush and told you exactly what was on his mind.

"I would like to transfer to another Chapter preferably Norfolk." I stated calmly as I leaned back on the sofa getting comfortable.


I chuckled at Vipers direct response which earnt me an unreadable expression, "Because I want a change of scenery it's as simple as that." I noticed the glances between the two of them and the puzzled expression on Duke's face and thought I needed to explain further otherwise they may decline my request. "You've always said that you wanted an ally within each of the different Chapters, well if I go to Norfolk you'll get that with me. I can report back to you directly and keep you informed of everything that is going on behind the scenes." I looked at them hopeful that they'd see it as a good idea.

Also By Aimee-Louise Foster

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