Amy (Aces MC Series Book 3.5)(3)

By: Aimee-Louise Foster

Viper raised his brow slightly, "I don't like your tone missy!"

"And I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it Viper, the ladies are just a little anxious like us all." Duke tried to smooth the situation and placed a protective arm around Pearl's shoulder as he directed her towards the taxi that had just pulled up in the yard. Mohammed was our taxi driver this evening and had worked for the club for a number of years and I felt relieved that a friendly face would be with us on our journey to the club as I was feeling a little anxious.

Duke understood the severity of the situation and that we were putting ourselves in harm's way even if Viper didn't and the fact that he'd stood up for Pearl made me love him even more. I glanced in Vipers direction still smiling feeling that Duke just had one over him, to see him assessing me and I quickly became uncomfortable as he undressed me with his eyes.

"Ames get a move on or we'll be fucking late." Pearl shouted as she sat in the front seat of the taxi.

I turned towards her and smiled at her demeanour, that's why we were friends. We could say whatever, whenever and it didn't affect our relationship as we always knew where we stood. Taking a deep breath, I placed my handbag over my shoulder and made my way towards the taxi.

"You okay Ames?" Duke asked looking at me intently as he opened the car door.

"Yeah I'm fine Duke, I'm looking forward to this evening." I winked before entering the rear of the taxi.

"You know the score ladies, Pick will be in the club keeping a watchful eye. If you get into any difficulties give the signal and back up will be there." Duke banged the top of the taxi twice indicating that Mohammed could go and closed the door firmly before standing back on the pavement. "Enjoy yourself but not too much," he shouted after us as I rolled my eyes at his statement.

"There's so much chemistry between you two." I leaned forward to slap Pearl's shoulder playfully.

"Don't start this again, you know we're just friends." I sat back comfortably in the leather seat watching the world pass by as I looked out the window. It was bad enough the club members thinking I was screwing Duke let alone my closest friend but it was a good smoke screen for me as no one suspected that Recon and I were up to no good, and that's the way I wanted it at the moment until we'd sorted out what we actually meant to each other.

"So how are we playing this tonight?" Pearl asked turning around in the chair so she could face me.

I shrugged, "Well Tyrone took a liking to you at the weekend, I was kinda hoping you would try to rekindle that spark this evening." I stated wiggling my brows.

"He's cute but a bit handy if you get what I mean." Pearl sniggered as she mimicked a groping action towards her sizeable bust. Mohammed glanced in her direction before turning his attention back to the road, and I noticed his knuckles turn white through holding the steering wheel with such force. Poor sod, what he didn't realise was, that Pearl would be far too much for Tyrone to handle alone.

I sniggered to myself as I continued to look out of the window trying to distract myself from the tightening of my stomach. I knew that Pearl and I were treading dangerously but I wanted to earn the trust from the club and prove to Recon that I would be perfect to stand beside him and possibly be his old lady. At twenty-two, I had little in the way of life experiences but I was more than ready to start creating memories with a life partner that would hopefully be Recon.

Before long we pulled up outside the club, I let out a long sigh and delved into my handbag to retrieve my purse.

"It's already taken care of ladies."

I looked up to see Mohammed glancing between Pearl and I with a smirk on his face and nodded my head understanding. Of course it was paid for, Duke wouldn't expect us to pay for a journey that was for the benefit of the club. I smiled and opened the car door feeling the pinch of my skin from the cold night air. My outfit didn't leave much to the imagination and also didn't offer much of a barrier against the chill blowing across my skin.

Pearl placed her hand in mine and gave it a light squeeze before gently leading me towards the entrance of the club. I heard the taxi pull away behind us over the loose gravel and took a deep breath knowing that this evening was about to get interesting.

Also By Aimee-Louise Foster

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