Amy (Aces MC Series Book 3.5)(4)

By: Aimee-Louise Foster

"Good evening ladies, I'm pleased that you could join us again so soon."

I smiled brightly as Jackson the head of security opened the barrier to let Pearl and I through. I could hear several women around us, kissing their teeth and making rude gestures as Pearl and I were on the guest list and didn't have to queue in the cold.

"What's the matter with you this evening?" Pearl asked as she guided me towards the cloakroom so that we could drop off our jackets.

I was feeling a little under the weather and had been the last couple of days but I was trying to put on a brave face knowing how important this meeting was this evening.

"I'm all good," I replied plastering a huge smile on my face but I wasn't sure if she was convinced as she narrowed her eyes assessing me.

"Well if you're sure you're okay that's good enough for me."

"Hi beautiful." We both turned to see Tyrone strut towards us with his arms held open ready to embrace Pearl. She'd made quite an impression on him over the last couple of weeks and if I wasn't mistaken, I'd think it wasn't all play acting on her behalf either.

"Hi yourself," she replied softly allowing him to take her into his arms and plant a soft kiss on her forehead.

I turned my head and glanced around the club taking everything in when Sheldon's eyes met mine from across the seating area of the club. He nodded his head beckoning me over and my heart raced at his gesture. He was the big fish that I'd been chasing, I'd played hard to get over recent weeks and now it was time for me to reel him in.

I glanced over my shoulder to see Pearl deep in Tyrone's clutches and sniggered to myself as I strutted seductively across the club towards the seating area of the hardened gang members.

"I was hoping you'd show up this evening." Sheldon stated as he rubbed his chin slowly, looking deep in thought.

"Why? Have you missed me?" I asked softly.

Sheldon moved his hand from his chin as a huge smile spread across his face showing his beautifully lined teeth, "I sure have babe, please take a seat."

Manners and good looking, I sometimes had to remind myself just who he was and what he represented. I saw movement at the corner of my eye as I sat beside him and noticed Pearl and Tyrone join the group and sighed with relief knowing that I wasn't alone. I hadn't seen Pick this evening but I knew he'd be here keeping a watchful eye over us and reporting back to the guys where necessary.

It made me think of the time that I told Diesel what I was doing, he went fucking mad and threatened to lock me in the house to prevent me from helping the club but I was always able to talk Diesel around to my way of thinking and that's what I did that evening.

"What's so funny babe?" I turned towards Sheldon still smiling from my thoughts of Diesel.

I shook my head, "It's nothing, I just remembered a conversation I had with my brother which amused me."

He looked at me intently as if expecting me to explain further. I couldn't believe that I had actually mentioned a family member and mentally kicked myself as I squirmed slightly under his scrutiny.

"Your brother as in a member of the Aces?" he asked in an unreadable tone.

I tried to fake confusion but I was startled by a commotion beside me. I turned to see Pick being dragged along the floor unconscious, and stood quickly knocking the drinks over from the table in front of me. It was as if everything from that point happened in slow motion, I glanced across the seating area towards Pearl as she scrambled around in her handbag searching for her phone. Her eyes met mine, I saw the panic register as two large arms wrapped around my waist as I was jolted backwards.

Letting out a high pitched scream I fought with all I had as I was lifted from the floor by the man's strong arms. My efforts were futile and my screams unheard over the noise of the music as he held me effortlessly. I managed to glance back towards the group as I was taken through a large door at the back of the club to see Pearl being tossed around like a rag doll between several men, and the glare in Sheldon's eye's worried me as he watched me being carried away.

"Fuck!" I hit the ground with force and slid across the concrete only stopping the momentum as I slammed my arms out in front of me. The room was silent apart from my heavy breathing but I didn't dare move the hair from my face to see my fate.

Also By Aimee-Louise Foster

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