Amy (Aces MC Series Book 3.5)(5)

By: Aimee-Louise Foster

The silence was deafening but I held firm trying to gather my thoughts quickly although I knew the man was still in the room.

Think Amy think! I played the mantra in my head assessing the situation. Would they want me dead? It was a possibility but would they want to start a war with the Aces?

I didn't have long to think as the door that I'd just come through opened allowing the noise of the club to fill my surroundings before it was slammed shut. I heard heavy footsteps walk in my direction and was yanked from my position on the ground by the material of my dress around the back of my neck and pushed me into the corner of the room.

I opened my eyes to see three men standing in front of me and hastily searched their faces trying to look for distinctive features should I get the opportunity to describe them to the club, but by the look on their faces, I doubted I was getting out of here and crumbled inside at the prospect.

"Shall we have some fun first Jason?" the man on the right asked looking at me as if I was a prized possession.

Jason kissed his teeth and slapped the man on the arm, "Shut your gums, I've got a job to do." He surged towards me and I squealed holding my hands out to try to stop him from touching me. He simply laughed and swatted them away like a fly before grabbing me by the scruff of my neck and pulling me into the centre of the room.

I didn't feel the pain at first, it was surreal watching the blade being pulled up high and then thrust into my stomach. The noise around me instantly became muffled and I heard a slicing sound like an animal carcass being cut open.

Lights, I could see lights shining brightly as the room became a hive of activity. I felt drunk as I now lay on the cold ground helpless and lifted my hand to try and focus on something as the room span around me. Why did I have blood on my hand?

"Amy, stay with us babe. We're gonna get you to the hospital." I turned my head slightly as Duke slowly came into focus. I gave him the goofiest smile I could muster as I tried in vain to stop my eyes from closing.

I continued to hear the commotion around me as I felt myself being lifted from the ground in someone's strong arms as if I weighed nothing. "You're doing good babe, not long." The voice whispered reassuringly as a light kiss was placed on my temple.

Not long for what? All I wanted to do was sleep but I wasn't allowed as I was constantly being slapped on the cheek and told to wake up.

More lights...for god's sake please just turn them off and leave me alone.

"So how's she doing?"

Diesel...I need to speak to him and let him know I'm okay.

"You've got to understand that our main priority is Miss Stokes."

"Well of course she is."

I'm fine...really I'm fine.

"Surgery went well and Miss Stokes will make a full recovery."

"I sense a but there Doc, be straight with me. I thought I was gonna lose her tonight, I just need you to be straight with me."

Lose was he going to lose me?

"There's no easy way of saying this but we couldn't save the baby."

"Baby what fucking baby?" I heard Diesel's harsh tone as he questioned the other person.

What are they talking about? Why won't my eyes open?

"Your sister was around ten weeks pregnant."

Pregnant?...Please eyes open, I need to speak to them...I really need to...

"How am I gonna tell her Spike?"


"Does Recon know?"

"I doubt it, although he's been trying to get in here for the past eight hours.

Recon's here...he does care...

"What's the plan?"

"Wait for her to wake up and then I'll have to tell her."

I am awake I just need to open my eyes...

"No she hasn't woken up yet Duke...I'll call you as soon as she does."

Something was different this time, I wasn't in a dream like state and I could feel the pain in my stomach and my head was throbbing.

"I need something for the pain Diesel." I hadn't yet opened my eyes but I knew it was Diesel in my room from the conversation I'd heard.

"Fucking hell Amy you gave me a fright, you gave us all a fucking fright." I heard the buzzing of the alarm beside the bed as Diesel alerted the nurse's station. "How you feeling?"

"Like I've been stabbed!" I said dryly.

Diesel chuckled, "That's my Ames." He leaned over and placed a kiss on my forehead as I heard the door to my room open.

Also By Aimee-Louise Foster

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