Amy (Aces MC Series Book 3.5)(9)

By: Aimee-Louise Foster

"Diesel's gone for a while and I'm not one to stand in the way of young love, so I'm happy for you to go and see her." I smiled and stood eager to see Amy, I knew Spike was an old romantic at heart. I stepped forward and was surprised when Spike grabbed my forearm lightly. I turned towards him and saw the emotion in his eyes, "What's up Spike?"

"She's had a rough ride, just go easy on her."

I nodded my head understanding what he'd said but I knew she'd just had an operation and would be a little fragile, I could be an insensitive prick sometimes but I just wanted to see the woman I loved. I shrugged from his hold and made my way towards the door still holding the box firmly as my heart rate increased with excitement. Pushing the door open, I took a deep breath knowing that the next couple of minutes would be life changing.

"I said I didn't want to see anyone!" Amy's cheeks were stained from crying and I immediately noticed her hold her left side as she grimaced in pain.

"Calm down Ames, it's only me." I held my hands out reassuringly and walked slowly towards her but my presence didn't seem to reassure her.

"What part of I don't want to see anyone don't you understand?" Amy spat as she tried to get comfortable on the bed. I quickened my step so that I could assist her but she quickly swatted me away. "Get your hands off me, I don't want you or any other club member near me." She stated with venom in her voice.

What the fuck had gone on for her to be so angry? I knew that she'd been hurt but we'd played out all types of scenarios before hand and she seemed well prepared for every kind of event.

"Amy, I don't know what's gone on babe but I've been waiting to see you. I've been going out of my mind being kept away from you all of this time." I perched myself on the bed much to her disgust and I could clearly see that I was upsetting her by just being here but I didn't understand why.

"Well I don't know why you bothered. Due to my operation a booty call is out of the question for a couple of weeks so I'm afraid it was a wasted journey." She stared at me coldly but continued to hold her side as if her hand being there soothed her.

"I'm a little confused here Ames, help me out babe." She simply raised her brows and stared me down. "Look, I've come here to make sure you're okay and to see if you need anything, certainly not to fall out with you." I reached out to touch her hand but she instantly moved it.

"Don't fucking touch me. Not you or anyone for that matter has the right to put their hands on me unless I say so."

"Why the fuck you acting like this Amy. You don't talk like that, you're the voice of reason." I stated knowing that most club members would confide in Amy about all manner of things because she was so understanding and easy to talk to. I couldn't understand why she was pushing me away but I was slowly getting annoyed. I'd be the first to admit that I hadn't showed her the love and attention that she deserved but I was here now ready to ask the girl to marry me.

"Don't pretend you care Blake. We both know that it was just sex between us, no feelings were ever involved, well not on my part anyway."

I could hear her words but knew she didn't mean what she was saying by the way that her eyes started to water. "You don't mean that Ames."

She moved her hands to her chest and took a deep intake of breath, "Ahhh you do care Blakey." She stated taking the piss out of my bemused expression and being lost for words by her over dramatised performance. "Well I'm sorry to say this but it was just sex for me. Yeah you're pretty good in the bedroom but apart from that I don't feel anything babe." Amy moved on the bed and I saw the grimace again on her face as her hand went immediately to her side for support, "Close the door on your way out!"

I stood from the bed and clenched my fists together to stop myself from grabbing her to try and make her see sense. I couldn't believe how cold she was being towards me or even comprehend why? However, if she truly felt that way I wasn't hanging around to be insulted. I turned on my heels and stomped towards the door, drumming as much willpower as I possibly could to not turn around and run to her side when I heard her muffled cries. I didn't know what game she was playing this evening but I didn't want to be part of it. I closed the door behind me and leaned against it keeping my eyes closed as I tried to consume my anger.

Also By Aimee-Louise Foster

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