Amy (Aces MC Series Book 3.5)

By: Aimee-Louise Foster

Chapter 1


Five years earlier

I pulled on the cuffs as I screamed in ecstasy. The metal dug into my skin and the pinching sensation around my wrists caused me discomfort but I rode the wave of my orgasm feeling the intense pleasure between my legs.

I squirmed, bringing my thighs together around Recon's head as I writhed trying to prolong the sensation.

I opened my eyes as I felt Recon's rough hands prize my legs apart and looked down to see his cocky expression as he wiped his chin. "That gets you going every time babe," he stated moving up my body to lie on top of me.

I rolled my eyes at his brashness, Recon was so self assured and he knew that I couldn't resist him not that I ever wanted to. We'd been seeing each other now for the past six months and as hard as I'd tried to fight my feelings towards him by telling myself that it was just sex, deep down I knew that I was only kidding myself as I was slowly falling in love with him.

"Any chance you can release me?" I asked tugging on the cuffs attached to the metal framed headrest.

Recon sniggered, "Oh so now that you've got what you wanted, you're gonna fuck off!" He stated sarcastically as he leaned on his elbows taking his weight from my body.

I sighed, "The birds started singing hours ago babe, I've already outstayed my welcome." I always made sure that I never fell asleep when I came back to the clubhouse with Recon, as I wanted to leave before anyone else woke. Not many members stayed here as they had their own homes but I didn't want to run into Viper, as I didn't know how he'd react to the situation.

Recon reached over to the bedside cabinet and took the small key in his hand before climbing up my body so that he straddled me.

I sniggered as his semi erect cock landed between my breasts as he reached towards the cuff on my right hand. Recon smiled, "Oh, you find that amusing do you?" he asked unfastening the lock to release my wrist and quickly turned his attention to the other cuff.

"This is a compromising position," I raised my brows looking at his cock as it slowly became fully erect.

"Don't start something you can't finish Vixen." Recon winked before he swung his leg over me and moved from the bed.

I loved it when he called me Vixen, he didn't use the name in public but saved it for when we were alone in the bedroom, which made it even more special. We had established a routine that suited us both over the past six months and he knew that I needed to leave shortly, and he wouldn't allow me to touch him if I couldn't see it through.

I rubbed my wrists to get the blood pumping and moved so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed as I watched Recon busy himself collecting my clothes from various places around the room.

He threw them onto the bed and caught me staring. "What's up with you?" he asked with a confused expression.

I shrugged, "Nothing." I stated as I grabbed for my clothes and began to dress myself. How could I tell him that it was the simple things when he wasn't even trying that made me want him more?

I stood to secure my dress and brushed my hands gently across the material to make sure everything was in place.

"I'll call you later Vixen."

I glanced across the room at the rugged man that just took my breath away, my feelings had become deep and he meant so much to me, and if I was truly honest to myself I didn't want to leave him like this. I wanted to wake up in his arms each morning and not have to sneak around in case I was seen by one of his brothers.

"Yeah, see you soon." I said quietly, trying to keep the bravado going before sauntering from the bedroom. As I reached the corridor, I took a deep breath to prepare myself before running the gauntlet through the clubhouse without being caught.

"Take a seat."

I glanced around the shadows trying to see where the voice had come from, and could just make out an outline of someone sitting in the far corner of the room. My heart rate accelerated as I slowly made my way over to the seating area to see who'd caught me like a thief in the night but the panic slowly mounted when I realised it was Viper calling me over.

My tight smile couldn't possibly hide my discomfort as I perched on the chair opposite him.

"This is turning into a regular occurrence Amy." Viper grasped the neck of a glass bottle and took a long swig as he continued to hold my gaze.

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