Calendar Girl: November(10)

By: Audrey Carlan

“Thanks, Gin. It means a lot.”

“You know what means a lot?” Oh, yes, the snark was back.


“A delayed orgasm. Tao’s going to have to get me all fired up again. Although with that sexy hunk of Samoan goodness, the floodgates open wide for him.” She made a sound as though she were licking her chops.

“Holy shit! You’re bangin’ Tao, Tai’s brother? How? When?”

She giggled. “We’ve been talking since May. He knew you were heading out. Took some time. He's spending two weeks with me, soaking up the mainlander sun and sand. I imagine we’ll need to leave the bedroom in order to soak up some sun.”

“You little harlot!”

“I know! I’m so excited. Girl…he’s making me see Hawaiian fire gods every time he—”

“Enough!” I shook my head. “Please, save the details.”

“Boo. You’re no fun!”

“Go back to your man. Get all up in that Samoan goodness.” I looked around the room and listened for the shower. It was still going. Good. “I know from experience. They will knock your frickin’ socks off.”

“I think I’d have to wear a stitch of clothing in order for that to happen, but I hear you. I hear you, girl.” Her words dragged out for emphasis.

“Touché! Have fun!” I giggled and danced around the room, super stoked that my BFF was getting hers from a really good guy with an amazing family.

“Oh, I will. I will, sister. Love your ugly face.” And as was her way, Ginelle hung up before I could get in my own jab.

Damn! She'd won again.

Chapter Three

Wes and I entered the lobby from the elevator on our way to meet Mason and Rachel for a lunch date. The second I stepped around the tall marble pillar and into the grand opening of the lobby area, I saw Mason's large frame with his arm casually slung over his woman.

He turned, and his eyes met mine. I smiled huge. My heart thumped in my chest. The last time I’d seen him, he was taking care of me in a hotel after I’d been attacked by the California Senator.

I stopped in my tracks, but Mason did not. He practically sprinted on those long legs to my side. He threw his arms around me, picked me up, and twirled me in the air. I tucked my feet, worried I’d tag someone in the process. Finally, he stopped, set me on my feet, cupped my cheeks, and kissed my forehead.

“God, you look good, sweetness. Let me get a good look at’cha.” He had a Boston accent. There was something about those Boston boys that could get a girl riled up. He scanned me from head to toe. As usual, I wasn’t dressed like a fashionista, but I'd made a solid effort to look good. Especially for my man. I had on a pair of dark jeans, a tight cable-knit green sweater, a pair of brown high-heeled suede boots, an infinity scarf in artistic swirls of color, and a knee-length brown leather jacket. “Yep, you look smokin’ hot!”

I shoved at his shoulder. By this time, Rachel had come up. “Mia, it’s so good to see you. All I heard about all week from this guy was how excited he was to see you and meet your boyfriend.” She laughed sweetly, and I pulled her into a hug.

“Rach, it’s so good to see you guys, especially under these circumstances.” I pulled back and pushed her golden hair off her shoulder. “You look amazing. Love suits you.”

Her grin was huge as Mace looped an arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple. “Yes, yes, it does,” he agreed.

Wes hadn’t interrupted our greeting, but I could feel his heat behind my back, very close. I leaned back and, without even worrying about losing my balance, reached around. Just as I suspected, he was right there, waiting to lend me a hand or keep me upright. I grinned and looked up as I locked my arm around his waist. He smirked and winked. God, I loved when he winked at me. It was like our own special language. That one wink said, “Yes, you know I’ve got you, and I always will.”

“Mason Murphy, Rachel Denton, this is my boyfriend, Weston Channing.”

Wes held out his hand to shake first Mason's and then Rachel’s hand. “Once again, Mia, I think you mean fiancé?” He tipped his head and rubbed his nose against my temple before placing a kiss there.

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