Calendar Girl: November(49)

By: Audrey Carlan

“It can’t be…” I choked out, my mouth not able to form any more words with the jumble of emotions swirling around me.





Abandonment and everything in between shot through my body like a freight train steamrolling through the countryside.

“What, Mia? What’s the matter? Sweetheart, you’re white as a ghost.”

I blinked a few times and looked at Wes standing in front of me, arms to my biceps, holding me firmly. “I…I…it can’t be her.” I shook my head and glanced around him, but the woman was gone. Disappeared as if she’d never been there at all.

“B-B-But she was right there!” I glanced at the other businesses and down the sidewalks. Nothing. Gone.

“Who? Who did you think you saw?” Wes asked, concern tinging his tone.

I swallowed the golf-ball sized lump in my throat and, with tears in my eyes, looked at the man who was going to commit his life to me forever. He would never abandon me. With the power and strength that realization gave me, I sucked in a cool burst of air and said her name.

“Meryl Colgrove.”

Wes frowned, and his eyebrows came together. “Baby, I’m not keeping up. Who’s Meryl Colgrove?”

“My mother.”

Continued in December’s Calendar Girl.

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To my editor, Ekatarina Sayanova with Red Quill Editing, LLC…I think I said it all in my dedication of this installment to you and your awesomeness. (

To my extraordinarily talented personal assistant, Heather White (aka The Goddess), I am thankful for you. Beyond my ability to express it here but you know…you know!

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Thank you to the ladies at Give Me Books and Kylie McDermott for spreading this book far and wide into the virtual social world!

Thank you to my publisher, Waterhouse Press for making the installments beautiful and sharing them with the masses.

To the Audrey Carlan Street Team of wicked hot Angels, together we change the world. One book at a time. BESOS-4-LIFE lovely ladies.

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