Calendar Girl: November(6)

By: Audrey Carlan

“Who am I?” I asked, trying to ensure he wasn’t still locked in his nightmare.

“You’re Mia Saunders, soon to be Mia Channing.” His words were soft though strained, as if it hurt to say them.

I grinned slightly at the use of my name paired with his last name. “That has a really nice ring to it.”

“It sure as hell does. Come here.” His eyes were coming back to the brilliant green I fell in love with all those months ago, but I was still leery.

“Why do you love me?”

He smiled, rubbed his jaw, and let that hand fall to the sheets. “Because I’m not me without you. And I don’t ever want to be a me without you.”

I closed my eyes and crawled over the bed and right into his lap. “Baby”—I cupped his cheeks—“tell me what happened.”

“After,” he whispered before looping an arm around my back and sucking my nipple into his mouth through the silk nightie.

Wes loved me in lingerie. That was a surprise. He’d seemed to be a man who preferred it on the floor since he usually took it off almost as quickly as I’d put it on. Even so, he said he loved seeing me in it. I arched into his searing kiss, loving the way the silk grated against my tip along with the suction. Divine.

With very little prompting, he found the hem of my nightie where it had bunched at my hips and pulled it up and over my head so he could have unfettered access to my breasts. They were swollen and achy with need as he fed my desire with long licks, deep suckling, and playful, heated nibbles. He played with each burning peak until both of them were as red as cherries and just as round.

“I love your breasts.” He swirled his tongue around one.

“And they love you,” I panted, wanting more, needing far more.

Using my hips, I ground down against his manhood which rose proudly between my thighs. Wes was beautifully naked beneath me. When we finished making love after coming back from having dinner with Anton and Heather, he didn’t bother to don his briefs. He just rolled against my side after I put on my nightie—sans undies—and jumped back into bed with him. He hooked a leg over mine and crashed.

“Take me inside, sweetheart. I want you wrapped around me.”

No better words had ever been said.

“Gladly,” I whispered against his lips, sucking the bottom one into my mouth as I knelt, grabbed his long, thick cock, and nudged it at my entrance.

Closing my eyes, I took him into my body, enjoying every glorious inch of his cock stretching over-sensitive tissues to their maximum. Once I was seated fully and his cock rooted deep, we both sighed. It was one of those sighs that made everything that had happened before disappear. Life, bad dreams, all the things we still had to do in the day to come. Gone. All of that wiped away the instant our bodies joined as one. Pure bliss.

With his hands on my hips, I let him guide me up and down at a pace he set. With Wes, every single time was amazing. There was absolutely nothing like the pure pleasure that came from him nestled deep within me. I’d never get over it. I knew no matter what the future held, I’d die wanting to be with only this man for the rest of my life.

Following his lead, I moved a little faster. Slowly coming up and then slamming down with a grunt, until he started to thrust up on my down-stroke. Each time was like his dick were piercing straight through to my soul.

“So damn deep…” I moaned and took his mouth in a blistering kiss.

He groaned into my mouth as we both enjoyed another meeting of our bodies against one another.

“Need to fuck you hard, Mia. Chase away the demons…” He closed his eyes, fingers digging into my hips.

“Let’s chase them, baby.” I lifted up and squeezed my internal muscles so he’d have no choice but to pay attention to the naked woman wrapped around his cock while sitting on his lap.

“Christ! You’re too good to me,” he said while he slid both palms up my back and curled his hands around my shoulders.

Oh, shit. Anytime he curled those hands he was going for maximum leverage. I was going to walk funny tomorrow, but the orgasm that came with it would rock my world. Just as I suspected, the moment I lifted up, he pulled down with his hands and power drove up into my sex. I cried out, feeling like I'd been split in two by his thick cock ramming deep. Again and again he pounded into me, taking everything he needed to fight back the demons that plagued him, and I was right there with him. Every thrust and tug, and every breath that burst out of our mouths was bringing my man back to me, back to the here and now. To the place where love reigned and the demons could slip back into their holes and die.

Also By Audrey Carlan

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