Calendar Girl: November(9)

By: Audrey Carlan





The phone rang in my palm. “Skank-a-lot-a-Puss Calling” was displayed on my cell. I waited until four rings just to make her skanky ass burn.

“Done fucking the man you’re pretending not to so soon? Must be a lousy lay.” I rushed to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Her breath was labored, though I gathered from the noises she was shuffling around the guest house. “You called me, remember? At eight o’clock in the mother flippin’ morning, on a weekday, while I was getting my hoo-hah sucked on for the first time in months and dropped that bomb on me? You suck. You know that, Mia?” She said with a heaping dose of irritation. “If you knew how bad you sucked…you’d say…God damn, I sucked!”

I snort laughed, fell back on the bed, and looked at my ring sparkling in the sunlight. Magnificent. I could not stop looking at its splendor.

“You done bitching?”

Ginelle groaned. “Well, now that I’m sans one rockin’ orgasm due to your hooker-ass dropping massive bombs on my pleasure palace, yeah, I’m done. Now, start from the beginning and tell me everything. You leave a single detail out, and I’ll replace the shampoo in your bathroom with Nair. See how much Wes likes a bald bride.”

Laughing, I went through the story of how he’d asked me. I’d spared Maddy the details that we’d just had some seriously awesome sex but not to Gin. My best friend lived off those kinds of stories.

“Wow. He’s a damn keeper for sure. So, are you really going to marry him on New Year’s Day?”

I shrugged even though she couldn’t see it. “Not sure. He seems pretty set on it. I guess the when really doesn’t matter to me. Wes, on the other hand, is bound and determined to start the new year off as Mister and Missus. Which is really funny since, when I met him in January, he was of the exact opposite mindset.”

“You were too, though,” she added helpfully.

“Not wrong there. It seems like years have gone by since then, and really, it was only ten months ago. Do you think I’m crazy or jumping into this with him?”

“Hold on.” I could hear her walking through her little guesthouse back in Malibu. A door opened and closed again, and I could just barely hear the ocean waves. She was probably on the patio overlooking the Pacific.

I had been gone only two days, and I already missed home. Amazing how quickly Wes’s mini-mansion had become home for me in such a short time.

“Really, Mia, you know I’m no expert on love, but I am an expert on you. You’ve been through some shitty men in the past.”

“Ugh. Don’t remind me.”

“No, I must, because that’s part of what makes you who you are today. Aside from douchebag Blaine, there were a few before him that you fell for, and they broke your heart.”

“True.” I nodded and worried at my fingernail, picking at a jagged edge.

“But none of them broke you. Wes being gone in Indonesia? That destroyed you.”

Just the thought of that time, the unbelievable pain and mountain of loss I’d felt, not knowing where he was or if he’d come back home, was a time in my life I never wanted to relive. “Yeah,” I managed to say softly.

Ginelle inhaled slowly, and I worried that maybe she was smoking but didn’t have the heart to nail her on it at that moment. “So can you imagine yourself ever being without him? Or better yet, can you imagine yourself ever being with anyone else?”

“Absolutely not,” I said instantly. And this is coming from a woman who loved love, even after having been burned by it several times in the past. On top of that, I enjoyed casual sex as much as the next person, but nothing would ever, could ever, take the place of Wes for me. “He’s the end-all be-all, Gin.”

“I think you have your answer.”

“Do you support me?” I waited with bated breath. I didn’t need to have Ginelle’s approval, but like she said, she did know me well. Very well. And she would have no problem telling me I was about to make a colossal mistake if that’s what she believed.

“Babe, I support you in everything you do. I may not always like it, but I’ll support it. However, with Wes…he is your end-all be-all. I can see it in you, but more importantly, Mia, I can see it in his eyes every single time he looks at you when he thinks no one is watching. He’s beyond madly in love. The sun, moon, stars…hell, the Earth spins for him, all because of you.”

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