A Crazy Ghetto Love Story 2:The Killing Spree

By: Linette King

A Crazy Ghetto Love Story 2

The Killing Spree


Major shoutout and big thanks to God who is the head of my household. To God be the glory. With God with me who can be against me?

To my children: Aaliyah, Alannah and Jaye! When I first had you guys I didn’t for one second think I would be doing the single mom thing. As you grow and experience life you will understand why I’ve always worked so hard. I know I work a lot but I have to make sure you guys have everything you need and want! Time flies and I just want you to take your time and live life according to your happiness. Never ever lean on someone else for happiness. It has to come from within. I want you guys to know that I will always have your back no matter what. It doesn’t matter what anyone says I want you to remember 2 things: Keep God first and mommy loves you!!!

To my family: Pooh, Mama, Oliver, and Ms. Peggy, you guys have been so supportive but it didn’t just start now. Yall have always been there for me and my kids going above and beyond to help make sure those smiles stayed on their faces. I love you!

To my friends: Jasmine, Trinisha, and Ashleigh, I have no earthly idea how yall put up with me on a daily basis but I’m glad yall do. Yall are each extremely crazy so it balances me out.

To Shameek: I thank you so much for opening this door for me to be able to do something I love! I enjoy working with you and you have become like a big brother to me. It still amazes me how someone you just met can have better intentions for you than people you’ve known your whole life.

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This story is completely a work of fiction. Anything that resembles any real life event or person is purely coincidental. Enjoy!




I was so happy Michael didn’t kill me after he caught me snooping around his room and even happier that he trusted me enough to help him find his daughter. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up to this building that was abandoned. “What are we doing here?” I asked, as I took in my surroundings. “Ouch!” I said, as I jumped and grabbed my arm. Michael had given me a shot of something and it burned. “What was that?” I asked. My mouth started to feel extremely dry, along with my eyeballs.

“C’mon, we have to hurry,” Michael said, as he hopped out the car before jogging to my side of the car. He opened my door and pulled me out. My mind told me something wasn’t right but my body wasn’t comprehending that I needed to run. He led me through a spacious room, down a hallway, and through a door, half dragging me. It felt like my legs were going out but they kept moving. There was a long table centered in the room. Michael lifted my body before lying me on the table. I tried to get up but I could no longer move anything. “What’s happening to me?” I asked.

“I gave you succinylcholine in shot form to paralyze you temporarily. Don’t worry, it will wear off on its own,” he explained, while he strapped me down.

“If I’m paralyzed, then why are you tying me down?” I asked, wishing I could go back in time and never moved in with him.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” he said winked after he had me restrained securely.

It seemed like we sat in that room together forever before he left out. While he was gone, I took the chance of trying to break free but I still couldn’t move. When he returned to the room, I didn’t want to look at him. I already saw the surgical tools on the small table and I didn’t want him to use them on me. Since I can’t move, I know I won’t be able to feel it, I thought to myself.

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