A Kiss Before Lying(3)


Growing up, she had never dreamed she would be running a business, but here she was, back in Atlanta all alone, well, except for Damien. He had really been a godsend and she couldn’t be more grateful. At least he had her back, considering everyone else had left her hanging.

Thinking it over, she raised her head and looked him in the eye. “I should, huh?”

“Yes.” After patting her on the back, he headed towards the door, only to have her call out to him. “Yeah, Dray?”

“Thanks. I really appreciate you. You’ve really had my back these past few months.”

“It was all you.” After saying his peace, he opened the door and Draya went back to back to what she was doing. So many nights they had spent countless hours together and each time, he would leave and sit in his car until she left. He was protective of her, she would give him that, but sometimes she felt like she didn’t need it.

“Damien,” she called out, gathering his attention.


“Go home. Deena is probably wondering where you are. Kiss the girls for me.” Offering her a smile, he nodded his head and then his cell phone went off. Looking down and answering, Damien took on a look and Draya just watched as his demeanor changed. Walking over to stroke his hand, she was startled when he shut the phone off and her back was against the wall.

Breathing heavily, Draya, tried to brace herself but his arms went out around her, and she couldn’t move. There was no escape from what he obviously wanted, and she had an idea what she was in for. She was sure he had no clue what he was aiming to take away from her. She had thought of him that way, but it was only a fantasy. She knew his situation and his involvement in the church would prevent anything from happening. Now, she was looking at him like a man that could tear down her walls and snatch something important; her virginity.

Taking in another deep breath, she closed her eyes and she could feel his breath on her cheek. “What are you doing?”

“You want me, Dray?”

Looking into his eyes, she saw a vulnerability she had never witnessed before in him. He looked so unfocused, but she could tell he really wanted her. His lips were so close to her neck that she could feel goosebumps appearing. This wasn’t how she planned to spend her first night with a man, but the pull was just too strong to deny.

“I can’t... we can’t. You’re—”

“I’m here,” he cut her off. “I’m here with you right now. Doesn’t that count? Don’t we count? Don’t tell me you can’t feel it.” Draya would have loved nothing more than to tell him, she didn’t feel it, but she would be lying through her teeth. He was the only person in her corner, and the only one to make her laugh when the world began to feel like it was on her head. Truthfully, she would have given anything to be with a man like him, and here he was, offering her what she truly needed but would never ask for. She knew she wasn’t raised this way. She wasn’t supposed to want a man that belonged to someone else.

“It doesn’t matter. We can’t be anything, we will never be anything.” Dipping her head to hide the tears that were emerging, she was surprised when he lifted it. Looking at her for a second, she saw his lips descending and swallowed hard. This was going to be so wrong, she knew this, but there was nothing she could think to do about it. Everything was beginning to jumble together.

When their lips finally touched, the electricity was startling. Pressing himself against her and the wall, Damien deepened the kiss and Draya could feel the full extent of his need for her. Wrapping her legs around him, he pressed harder into her, and she felt the air leaving her lungs. Things were getting too intense and in a moment of clarity, she threw her hands on his chest, only to have him reach down between them, ripping her panties. Panting for air, Draya, made him drop her feet. Allowing her a little space, he stepped back running his hand over his head.

“My bad, Dray. If you’re uncomfortable, I get it. But know I’m leaving her. It was already in the works but now... I’ll do it right now.”

Reaching for his cell, he pulled it up, and removing her hand from her swollen lips, she made a move that forever altered them. Taking the phone from his hand, she laid it on the desk and shook her head. “Not for me. I won’t be the reason.” Before she could make a move, she looked around and he was on his knees, pushing her back on the desk. “Damien, what...” before she could execute her sentence, his tongue crept out, tickling her sensitive flesh. “Uuhh,” her head flew back and one of her fingers found it’s way into her mouth. Biting down hard, she tried to keep herself calm.

Also By M. SKYE

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