A Kiss Before Lying(6)


“He is probably one of the sexiest men I have ever seen in my life.”

“For a white guy?”

“For any guy.” Taking a seat, Draya knew this was big. Brittney was one of those girls who had the highest standards she had ever known for her dating life, and if she was riled up over a man, he had to be something special. Brittney, like her two older sisters, was stunning. She was fit because it was her business to be, but she was a mix between girl next door and sex kitten. She had this beautiful long hair that went all the way down her back, stunning hazel eyes, and tantalizing golden brown skin. She was probably most guys’ fantasy girl.

On top of being mesmerizing, Brittney had her business on point. She started it all by herself and was a trainer at one of the most popular gyms in Atlanta. Most of her clients were high profile, but she always made time for one of her oldest friends, Draya. They had known each other since they were in diapers, and Brittney’s father was the pastor of Draya’s church.

Although they had lost touch after Draya had moved years before, when she returned their friendship picked up right where it left off. It was as if she had never left. Draya was also a stunning girl, just as beautiful as her best friend, but she lacked the confidence Brittney possessed. No matter what happened in her life, Brittney knew who she was and what she deserved and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Draya wanted this for herself, but the years with Damien had taken that away from her. She wasn’t sure if she would ever get that back.

“Well, come on,” Draya hissed, kicking Brittney’s feet off the couch. “I want to get this workout over before it gets too late. I don’t know why you insist on dragging me in there at the dead of night.”

“I insist because I need to keep you in tip-top shape if I’m going to ever get you a new man and also because I don’t charge you for my services. We have to go in when we have the gym all to ourselves.”

“If I paid you, would that get you to stop acting like a drill sergeant, and act like my best friend?”

“Those are one in the same, darling,” she rubbed her hand over Draya’s face, “but I’m not taking your money. I’m here to tell you everything you need to hear but don’t necessarily want to, and I need my privacy to do this. I know I’m hard on you, but trust me, it’s all because I love you.”

Knowing that Brittney only meant well Draya slipped her arms around her shoulders and sighed. “I know you do, and I’m sorry for always giving you a hard time about it. If I can agree to not complain during this whole workout, can we agree to not discuss Damien or any other aspects of my love life?”

“What love life?” Brittney hissed with a smile on her face.

“Okay, bitch, let’s go.” Walking out of the door, Draya shut it behind her and locked up. She knew she was going to regret the no complaining deal, but she had to do something to shut Brittney up. She could have gone on all night about the drama with Damien, and Draya just wasn’t trying to hear it. She already knew how messed up it was, she didn’t need a reminder every five minutes.

Chapter Two: Nice and Tight

The drive over to the gym was quiet. Laying her head back on the headrest, Draya, thought about where her life was headed. Despite being without her family, she had actually done well for herself. When she first got the restaurant, it was a mess. The paperwork was all out of place, the inventory was waning, and they didn’t have a competent serving staff to save their lives, but she turned it around with the help of Damien. Now, seven years later, she was the owner of two different restaurants that were considered hot spots, and ran them with the help of her partner, Rico.

Rico was the son of one of their church members who had an impeccable eye for business. Damien had introduced them years ago and they had been close ever since. Even though, to most, the relationship between Damien and Draya appeared platonic, Rico knew the real deal. He had seen them in the back office once and brushed it off like it was nothing. Weeks after that Draya tiptoed around him nervously until he finally broke the ice, letting her know that he knew what was going on and that it wasn’t his business. After that, she began to confide in him and he confided in her as well. In Rico and Brittney, Draya had her support system and she knew she was lucky to have that.

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