A Kiss Before Lying(64)


Grabbing Liam’s hand, she said her goodbyes and the room was left silent. Whoever was messing with her had brought her family into it, and now that she knew their history, she had no doubt it was Deena. She had to be adding the notes and pictures to the flowers before they went out, because she knew Damien’s handwriting anywhere and there was no way in hell he was the one to tell. Even he wasn’t that stupid. Now, she was going to take pleasure in making that bitch squirm. She was about to make a move she would never see coming. Game on bitch.

Stepping out of the door, Draya was determined as ever to land Deena on her ass. She didn’t know how or what she was going to do, but she was going to make sure Deena paid for everything she had done. Just as they approached Liam’s car, she saw the headlights. They were coming at her fast and bright, and while her mind was in another place, all she could hear were Liam’s frantic screams of her name. Feeling his hand gripping hers, she felt indescribable pain and then she passed out. Lying in a puddle of water in the parking lot, both Draya and Liam were out cold under the blinking sign of her restaurant with blood draining between them.

Also By M. SKYE

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