A Kiss Before Lying(7)


Getting out of the car, Draya stretched her arms out and Brittney came around, pushing her into gear. “Let’s go. You promised me one night with no complaints, so I’m going to make you work your cute little ass off.” When Draya frowned her face up, Brittney snapped her fingers causing her to jump. “Get in gear, bitch. Let’s go.”

Slinking into the gym, surveying the room, Draya made her way over to the weights and took a seat. With Brittney standing over her, she gripped the bar and got to work. As much as she wanted to put up a fight, Draya knew working out was therapeutic for her. It was during these times that she had the best conversations with herself. Here, she didn’t stress over everything she was doing wrong, or how hard it was to juggle her business and personal life. Here, she just cut loose and let her mind wander into the possibilities of what could be.

Above all else, Draya wanted a normal life. She wanted a man that could be just hers, and she wanted a family someday. Actually, she wanted her family. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she missed her mother and sister. She had only spoken to them a handful of times over the years, and each time, she longed for them even more than she did before the call.

Lifting the bar a little higher than she did the last time, Draya, was surprised with the quietness surrounding her. Usually, Brittney was yelling at her to keep up, but today, she seemed a lot more mellow that she normally was. This got Draya suspicious. Looking over at Brittney, posted up in the corner, Draya docked the weights and walked over for a brief interlude.

“What’s up, Britt?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re quiet,” she crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re never quiet, so something must be up.”

“I’m good, Dray, I just... well, don’t get mad at me for this, but my intentions weren’t exactly noble when I decided to drag you out tonight. There is something I need to tell you.”

Staring at her questioningly, Draya cocked her head to the side and swallowed a deep breath. The last time Brittney talked like this, she was telling Draya she was moving out of their apartment to live with her boyfriend, Austin. They had been together over three years, and as selfish as it sounded, Draya hoped she wasn’t about to announce that they were getting married. Brittney had been a good friend to her, but her happiness was almost sickening. She and Austin were like the perfect couple and Draya was secretly jealous of that.

Brittney and Draya had been best friends for as long as they knew each other, but Brittney had always had the life Draya only wished she did. Like Draya’s, Brittney’s parents were together, but they didn’t put forth the strict rules Draya had grown up with. Brittney’s mom, Natalia, was more of a friend while also being a parent. Although Brittney and her father had their differences, her mother was great. Growing up, both girls confided in Natalia. Draya never had that with her mom, Caroline.

On top of having the mother-daughter relationship that Draya always dreamed of, Brittney and her sisters, Leah and Jamie, were close, and Draya really wished she could have had that with her sister, Ashton. Though she and Ashton were only two years apart, Draya never found any common ground with her. It was like they were always on opposing sides. Ashton was the older, mature, responsible one, in her parents eyes, and she was the rebellious, couldn’t do anything right, screw up. She spent her whole childhood feeling like she lived in Ashton’s shadow. It wasn’t a great place to grow up.

“What’s up, Britt? Spill.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Brittney took a seat on the bench next to Draya and let out a sigh. “I can’t train you for a while. This is going to be our last session together.”

“What’s up, Princess, you get a hang nail or something? Is Prince Austin going to come and kiss it to make it all better?” Draya knew Brittney hated it when she made jokes about her perfect little life with Austin, but she still liked to poke fun at her. As far as Draya was concerned, Brittney and Austin were her relationship goals; she would give anything to have a love like theirs.

Austin wasn’t crazy rich or anything, but he was stable. He worked his way up the corporate ladder at his law firm and always provided for Brittney, even though she worked too. Together, they bought a house and a couple of cars, but no matter what they did, they did it together. That was admirable to a person like Draya, who’s only adult relationship was with a married man. She always wanted to feel the sense of security Austin had given Brittney; to Draya, it would have meant everything.

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