A Kiss Before Lying(9)


“But, Britt, I—”

“Liam knows the deal. He knows how we roll and what time we train, he’s cool with it. His only demand was—”

Holding his hand up, Liam interjected himself and let out a silly chuckle. “Can I speak for myself?”

“Sure,” Draya smiled and rolled her eyes at Brittney, playfully.

“Brittney says you own two restaurants.”


“I like to eat,” he smiled. “I train you and you feed me.” As the words rolled off his delicious pink lips Draya felt her heart beating out of her chest. Watching him as he held on to her hand, she felt her head nodding and he dropped it. “Then it’s settled, let’s get started. She drove you here, right? So I guess that means I’m taking you home.” Walking away after tapping Brittney on her shoulder, he walked over to the weights and motioned for Draya to join him. As Brittney made her way out of the gym, Draya watched until Liam’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

“Draya, let’s go.” Snapping her head back to look at him, she realized his nice demeanor was gone and he was all business. It was then that she realized he was even worse than Brittney. She thought Brittney was a slave driver, but looking at his stance, she knew he was going to be a handful.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she walked over and he tossed a barbell in her hand. “Alright, on your back, let’s get to work.”

“This is going to be fun, isn’t it?” Draya asked mockingly.

“No, we’re going to work,” he laughed. “The longer you take to get in gear, the longer we will be here. I have all night, but I’m not sure you do.”

“Why did you agree to this? I know you want more than just a few meals. I can pay you, it’s not a problem. And if you want to do earlier hours, we can do that too.”

“No, I don’t want your money, and I like the late nights. I wish I could get everyone to agree to this schedule, but not everyone is like us. And to answer your other question, Brittney is one of the best and she needed my help. I took most of her other clients, but she was particular about you. She wants you taken care of, and I want her to come back once she has her baby.”

“Why is it so important to you?”

“Well, I want to keep our best employee happy.”

“Wait, you’re... But I thought he...”

“No, my dad is. I’m Liam Junior.” Draya felt bad for putting her foot in her mouth. Brittney had told her that the owner of the gyms she worked for passed a few months ago.

“I’m sorry to hear about your father.” While she said this, she saw nothing change across his features and figured out there must be a story there. As long as Brittney had been working there, she never mentioned her boss having a son.

“Thanks, but if I’m being honest with you, we hardly knew each other. When I was growing up, he was never home and when he was, we didn’t spend much time together.” After his statement, there was an awkward silence between them and then Liam let out a gorgeous smile. “So now that we have all of that out of the way let’s get started. I have a lot of ground to cover before we leave tonight. I want to get you going on one of my routines. That way, we can cut your sessions down. Brittney tells me how much you hate it, and looking at you, I see you don’t have far to go. We just need to keep that figure of yours nice and tight.”

Nice and tight. There were a few other things that were getting nice and tight, and when he came to lean over her, she closed her eyes as the smell of his cologne hit her nostrils. Everything he was doing was professional, but it didn’t stop the fantasies racing through her head. She knew Brittney had done this on purpose, but she wouldn’t let it distract her. He was just going to be some nice eye candy to look at while she kept her figure on point. Even with all the drama in her life, she knew it was important to look good. As long as she looked good, she would feel better, but it still wouldn’t solve her man problems. No matter what happened, she would always be the girl who was in love with the church deacon who was nowhere near close to ever being hers.

No amount of working out would change that.

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