A Leap of Faith

By: T Gephart

Chapter 1 – Business in the Bedroom

“We agreed to three songs, with the last song closing the show. You can’t just change it now!” I huffed into the phone.

Alex smiled as he kissed my neck, trying to distract me from my infuriating call. One of his hands leisurely slid up my stomach and cupped my breast while his free hand drew me closer to his naked body. I gave him a pointed look but my smile gave away that I was nowhere near as annoyed as I pretended to be.

“Look, Lexi. Two songs is a great deal for Letterman; it’s a new album after all.” Sheila, one of Dave’s producers smarted back.

“A new album that went number one within days of its release!” I fumed down the line “Sheila, this is bullshit and you know it. It’s the original deal or they don’t perform. They aren’t some one hit wonder and you know it. Three songs AND they close the show. You know I’m not backing down, so let’s save each other the time and aggravation.” I tried to stay focussed as Alex’s hands and mouth continued to move over my naked body.

“Ok, Ok Lexi... Gee you’re a pain in the ass.” Sheila finally relented. “I’ll email you the schedule. See you in two weeks. Bye.”

“Bye Sheila.” I hung up the phone and casually tossed it to the floor before turning and letting my lips meet his. I ran my hands through his tousled just-fucked hair before allowing them to travel down his back.

“You mad?” Alex asked, a mischievous grin playing on his lips.

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” I grinned back as I pulled his strong, muscular chest closer, kicking off what remained of the bed sheets.

Alex let out a playful laugh as he flipped me onto my back, holding my arms above my head. “Do you know how sexy you are? I love that you are a strong, independent woman who speaks her mind. It is the biggest turn on.”

I pushed against his arms, twisting beneath him till I freed myself. I let my hands roam seductively down his torso as I gave him a loaded glance. “Here I thought it was the mind blowing sex that kept you interested.”

His sensual smile curled the left side of his mouth up, the flash of his even teeth dazzling me. His arms relaxed around me, his astonishingly clear eyes locked me into a hypnotic stare. “I love you Lexi.” There was no hint of humour in his voice.

“I love you too Alex.” I raised my hand and gently touched his cheek. He turned his face and kissed my palm softly before moving his lips down my arm.

“No, I don’t think you understand. I REALLY love you.” He moved his face so that it was inches away from mine, His smile faded and his look became incredibly serious.

“I think I finally see that and I really love you.” I kissed him passionately. I’d waited so long to say those words and now I wanted to tell him every waking moment. I still marvelled that we had made it this far. My earlier fears and insecurities had threatened to derail my chance at a real relationship. Yet here we were, in each other’s arms - as it should be.

It had been three weeks since our confrontation in James and Hannah’s games room where after I had chewed Alex out in front of his band mates, we had both admitted our love for each other. Meeting Alex and his band Power Station in Melbourne five months ago was something I never would have predicted, let alone becoming a part of their family. Saving their Australian tour from being derailed had landed me with a permanent job and a move to New York as their PR manager. Fate itself had propelled Alex and I together and now the lead guitarist was not just my employer but also my boyfriend; a label I was still coming to terms with, though I was enjoying the process.

Our relationship had been far from easy but it was, as Alex called it, our new normal. After all, we weren’t a conventional couple so a conventional relationship wasn’t on the cards. I thought back to that amazing first night we spent together after our reunion  . I had driven back to my apartment where I dutifully delivered Matt’s car. Alex had followed me up the stairs, not wanting to let me out of his grasp even for a second. Matt was sitting at my desk using my MacBook to catch up on work (I felt a pang of guilt knowing he’d dropped everything over concern for me). His beautiful, enigmatic smile beamed as he saw Alex and I, in each other’s arms and obviously “together”.

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