A McKenzie Christmas

By: Lexi Buchanan

McKenzie Brothers Book 5.5

Chapter 1

Michael & Lily

Michael pulled Lily into his arms when she appeared after putting Sirena, their two month old baby, in her bassinet. “I talked to Sebastian and we’re closing McKenzie Holdings on the twenty-first until the fourth of January.” A grin split his face when she looked up at him in shock. “I don’t want to miss anything and I want to be around to help you with the children.” He caressed her face before he captured her hands and, with a slight tug, had her resting against his chest.

The fire in the hearth gave off a warm glow as the wood crackled and made the room cozy. That was one advantage to having an open fire and Lily loved how she felt romanced when Michael got the fire going. He always did it just for them.

The knowledge that her husband still wanted alone time with her, and that he would think of doing something she loved, gave her a warm, fuzzy feeling. Oh, she knew he wanted to get lucky, but that could happen anywhere in the house with them. She just loved the romance behind the thought.

“You’re okay with having me underfoot?”

Lily leaned into her husband and kissed him. “Of course I am. I love having you home with us. You should know better than to ask.”

“You were quiet so you had me worried.” Michael slowly caressed Lily’s hip as she settled against him.

“I was thinking about how much I love you,” she admitted. “I don’t know what I’d do without you and our children.”

“I love you too, honey.” He wiggled his brows. “I have plans for you, Mrs. McKenzie.”

Lily grinned. “Is that a fact?”

“Hmm.” Michael nuzzled the curve of Lily’s neck and teased her with his mouth. “Don’t you want to know what those plans entail?”

Lily gave a sexy laugh. “I think I have a very good idea.”

Michael’s fingers massaged and caressed Lily until she was sprawled out beneath him on the sofa. The hard ridge of his arousal pressed against her core and set her on fire.

Her husband only had to look at her to spread a liquid fire throughout her body. She was one lucky lady.

As her arousal grew, her nipples hardened, and she felt dampness on her breasts as her milk started to leak. That was the only drawback to breastfeeding; her breasts were always full of milk for Sirena and it leaked heavily when she was aroused.

Michael shifted and captured her mouth with his as his tongue swept inside. His hands played along her hip and stomach, teasing her until she writhed under him, begging for him to fill her up. As she reached up to trace a path under Michael’s shirt, Sirena cried out from her bassinet.

Michael sighed and dropped his brow to Lily’s chest. “I’ll get her.” He quickly kissed Lily’s lips before he climbed off and made his way to their daughter.

As Lily straightened and rearranged some of her clothing, she watched Michael as he gently lifted Sirena into his arms. The little one had only been asleep thirty minutes, but, even from across the room, Lily could see her chomping on her fists as she looked for milk.

The bassinet had been set up against one wall in the living room so that she was close to her parents until they went to bed. Michael would then carry her upstairs and place her in the crib.

Carrying her over, Michael sat next to his wife and tried to cradle his wiggling daughter. She wouldn’t settle and wanted something that Michael couldn’t give her.

Lily knew the routine, Sirena wouldn’t settle for the night until she’d nuzzled on her mother a few more times. Usually around eleven, Sirena would have her last feeding of the night and then was settled until six the next morning. She couldn’t complain really because she did get unbroken sleep.

Opening her shirt, she unclipped her bra and revealed an engorged breast with milk leaking. She felt like a faucet with no off switch sometimes.

Michael placed Sirena into her arms, and she watched as his face softened when his daughter latched on to her nipple with a greedy grunt before she started to nurse. Sirena’s small fist rested against Lily’s breast.

This time around, parenthood was different. Sirena was breastfed at every feeding, but the twins had alternated between breast and bottle to give her a break.

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