A New Alpha

By: AJ Jarrett

Nehalem Pack 24

Chapter One

Breathe, Asa repeated over and over again inside his head. Mentally and physically he knew Devon wasn’t a threat to him but his wolf couldn’t handle it. Being an alpha made taking orders or simple directions from another alpha near in possible for his wolf to accept.

It was his grandfather’s fault. Asa clenched his eyes shut, taking another deep breath. It was the death of his grandfather that triggered his need to take over as alpha. Asa knew ever since he was a little boy that one day he’d become an alpha, and being a part of his grandfather’s pack, it was only understandable once the man had been killed that Asa’s wolf would rise to the surface and take control, but that was the last thing Asa wanted. The Anders pack was no more. He was doing his best to become integrated into the Nehalem pack, but his wolf was fighting it tooth and nail, literally.

“Asa, relax.” Devon held his hands up and took a small step toward him. “I’m not challenging you.”

Ugh! Asa wanted to scream. He knew Devon wasn’t, but he couldn’t get the beast inside to understand that.

“I know you’re not!” Asa shouted. He raised his hands to clench his fist in his short hair.

He hated to yell at Devon. It wasn’t his fault and he hadn’t done anything wrong. The man had been nothing but nice to him and his brother since they came to Nehalem and they had every right to banish them from their territory but Devon didn’t.

“Is everything all right in here?” Aiden, Devon’s mate, asked as he came into the room.

Aiden was human, but Asa could tell by the look in his eyes and his stiff body posture that he too could feel the tension swimming between Asa and Devon.

“Oh yeah.” Viktor, Devon’s brother, said sarcastically. “Little alpha in training here is all upset because Devon told him it was dinner time and his wolf is freaking out.” Viktor rolled his eyes.

“Enough, Viktor.” Devon let out a low growl to get his point across to Viktor.

The sound was enough to set off his wolf, and Asa lunged forward as his body started to shift. His lips curled back off his teeth as they lengthened into sharp points. A nasty snarl crept out of his throat and drool oozed from his mouth. His wolf was taking over.

“Asa, take it easy.” Devon moved forward with lightning fast speed and Asa snapped his thick jaws at him. Devon jerked back in time to avoid getting bitten. “I’m not trying to control you. I’m only trying to be your friend.”

How can he stay so calm? Asa silently asked himself. Doesn’t he feel the need to dominate and eliminate any sort of challenge? How can Devon be relaxed in the presence of another alpha?

A loud ear-piercing howl rumbled out of Asa. The house felt as if it were shaking. His body trembled as it jerked and twitched from the force of his change. Asa glanced around at the men standing before him and he couldn’t take it anymore. The sympathy and understanding he saw aimed back at him had him spinning around on his heels and running for the door.

He leaped from the front porch and ran around toward the back of the house. As he ran his muscles and bones reshaped to form his wolf body. Dark blonde fur sprouted from his arms and he could feel the tingle in his face as his nose grew into his snout. The clothes he’d been wearing were torn from his body and now lay in shreds across the lawn.

The sun had set and darkness blanketed the earth. Asa darted for the safety of the trees. He needed to get away from Devon before he did something stupid to the nice man who’d taken him in.

Asa ran through the dense forest, finally able to relax in the comfort of the nature that surrounded him. The strong aroma of pine and damp soil filled his nostrils. The soft brush of leaves against his fur and the hard ground under his paws made him feel free.

The further Asa ran the more everything blended together. His mind was racing with the need to get away while his wolf wanted to charge back to Nehalem and challenge Devon for leadership of the pack. It was crazy. Asa had no desire to take Devon’s position from him. This was Devon’s territory, not Asa’s and he wasn’t like his grandfather to take something that wasn’t his but apparently his wolf didn’t understand that.

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