A New Jersey Love Story 3:Bulletproof Love

By: Myiesha



I don’t know what I was thinking nor could I control what I was doing. It felt as if I was watching my life from outside my body. I couldn’t believe my son was kidnapped by someone who was supposed to be family. I hoped Kitty wasn’t that cold hearted to hurt my son. He had nothing to do with this. I still had the keys to the car in my hand, from when Troy had given them to me. Once Capri set her phone down, I kicked off my heels, grabbed her phone and slowly ran out the side door to the garage. As I was driving, I spotted Stash’s truck in front of me. I pushed on the gas harder until I was past them, knowing if Troy caught up with me he was going to make me go back, and I wasn’t beat to hear that shit. I was going to get my baby back myself.

I started to slow down when Siri told me my destination was on the left. Looking for the house that it was pinpointing, I noticed it was all the way in the back of the woods. I had the second thought to just wait for Stash and Troy, but I said fuck it. By the time they made it, I would have had Malachi and been back on the road passing them.

I parked the car and got out, barefoot, walking through the woods. I was stepping on all kinds of shit from branches to rocks and what I hoped was mud. I got to the house and there was a silver Ferrari similar to mine, but mine looked way better. There were also two other cars there. There was a Dodge Durango that I had seen JoJo driving and a BMW that looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen the car at before. I walked around the house looking for a way to get in. I looked in one window and I saw my baby sitting on a couch. Then I spotted Kitty, Keyonna and JoJo. Kitty’s hair was now blonde and Keyonna’s hair was now red. JoJo and Kitty were in a huddle talking, and Keyonna was pacing back and forth, looking like a nervous wreck. Good, she should be, because I was killing that bitch too.

I found a window to the house that was cracked. I put all my strength in and pushed the window open further. I jumped on the windowsill and threw myself into the house. I checked my guns to see how many bullets they each had. I had plans of emptying both clips in all their ass. I took a deep breath before walking out into the room where they all were. I fired, shooting JoJo in the knee. I wanted to save him for Troy.

“Mommy!” I heard Malachi yell and I turned towards him. My boy was tied up and couldn’t move. I aimed my guns at both Kitty and Keyonna. I felt someone coming up behind me, and I moved just in time to see Kayla swinging at me with a bat. I gave that bitch a shot to the shoulder and laid her out on her back. She sat there crying.

"Oh, so all y'all hoes were working together, I see."

I knew I recognized that BMW from somewhere. That's the day I saw Kayla walking through downtown Montclair. She was talking to a redhead and a blonde. That was Kitty and Keyonna.

I had plans for that hoe. I wanted to make her suffer like she thought about doing to my babies. I now had my gun aimed at Keyonna and Kitty.

“Which one of you bitches want to die first?” I asked.

“Them two that's still on the ground moving, isn’t going to be as lucky as you two. They’re going to suffer big time.” Just as I was saying that, Troy and Stash came busting through the door.

“Nice of y’all to join the party,” I said to them.

"I'm taking that car back," Troy said to me.

"Not the time Troy,” I said.

"Camilla, take Malachi and leave," Troy said.

Troy walked in and looked down at JoJo.

“I knew yo’ ass was a snake ass nigga, up to no good. I don't know what the fuck was your problem with me. You just met me. I wanted to get to know you. Now I may be forced to leave Tre without a father. Doesn't matter anyway, ‘cause you never had him. Then you go and kidnap my son for these bitches. How you even know these skanks?" Troy was saying.

I noticed Keyonna tried to take off and run, but I shot her right in the back of the head and dropped her right there. I proceeded to walk towards Malachi. Just as Troy was about to pull the trigger on JoJo, Kitty pulled out her gun and aimed it at Malachi. I stopped in my tracks.

“Drop ya guns or I’m blowing the kid’s head off,” Kitty said.

I hesitantly dropped my gun. Troy and Stash did the same thing.

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