A No Good Love Affair

By: Jessica M


Chapter 1

How It All Started…

I have been seeing Zay for nine months now and I am getting tired of the games. We visit each other at my condo about twice a week and then we are done. I know I deserve better, but I’m not doing better. Like I said, I met Zay nine months ago at a club when I was hanging out with friends. We had a few drinks, we talked and texted for a few days, and then we met up. Our first time out together was our last time out. What I mean is, he picked me up about seven one night, took me to get some dinner, and then we ended up back at my place having sex.

I already knew what the problem was. I didn’t waste any time giving up the goodies, but I had been longing for a man’s touch. After our first encounter, I didn’t hear from Zay for a few days and he didn’t answer my calls until he was ready to. Zay never promises me anything, but he also didn’t tell me this is how things would be between us.

I’m 27-year-old Mya Young. I am a teacher in Atlanta and I love what I do. Yes, I am a teacher and I still make dumb choices. I haven’t talked to Zay in a couple days now, but I see on my night table where my phone is vibrating and it is a text from Zay asking, What’s up? with a bunch of smiley faces. I roll my eyes then lay the phone back down as I run my nightly bubble bath. I should’ve known it is him since it is after daylight. I know I shouldn’t respond to him, but my body is saying otherwise.

I pour my flute full of Merlot, relax in the extremely hot water, close my eyes and then contemplate whether I should respond to Zay or ignore him. I immerse my entire body in the water all the way to my eyes, when I hear my phone vibrating again.

“Oh God,” I mumble to myself, knowing I shouldn’t respond to this man. But, like the fool I am, I grab the phone from the floor beside my tub and open the message that says, What’s up? except this time there are no smiley faces. I grin to myself and turn up my flute of Merlot and whisper, “Now you know how it feels, nigga.”

I sip my Merlot and enjoy my bubble bath for another thirty minutes before getting out. I grab my plush white towel to ring out my hair and dry off my body. I pick up my phone from beside the tub and sit on my bed for a few minutes. I open up my text messages from Zay and finally respond to him, HELLO THERE, LOL.

It only takes a few seconds before I receive a reply, So it’s like that? You must have company.

I laugh out loud as I rummage through my dresser drawers for my panty and bra set. I decide on a black lace Victoria Secret bra and thong set. It was a gift from Zay from when we first hooked up, so yes, I have plans to let him come over and get some tonight.

I reply, Yeah right Zay, you are the only man for me.

I know I have to stroke his ego sometimes. I don’t have to put on any clothes, so I just lay there on my big queen size bed in my bra and panties while I wait on him to respond.

The next text I receive is, I’m on the way.

There is no need for me to say anything else, I just send him a heart emoji and wait on my boo to get here.


Chapter 2

How He Thinks It Happened…

I know most people will feel I ain’t shit, but I need people to know the whole story. I’m a good dude, in a fucked up situation. Females need to play their position. I met Mya nine months ago at my club. I was there hanging with the fellows while getting my new club off the ground, and she was there with her homegirls. One of my homies was hollering at her friend, so I was naturally gonna holla at her.

Mya was cool at first until she started to hound me every day by calling or texting. I thought she should’ve gotten a clue because I only called her at night and never took her out. I should’ve backed off when I saw she was clingy, but that shit between her legs was the bomb. I could tell the night I met Mya that she as a good girl. Her clothes weren’t showing her ass and her titties weren’t hanging out. She was classy and went to work every day. I loved that shit about her.

I hate treating Mya bad, but I have a wife at home. Well not technically at home, but my wife and son live in Charlotte, North Carolina while I have been residing in Atlanta for the past year getting my business off the ground. I’m in the business of promoting clubs, and we all know that ATL is hot for having the best clubs. I have to follow the money. My wife and son were supposed to come down right after me, but once I realized I can have my cake and eat it too, there is no need to move my family here while I am still playing around.

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