A Perfect Trifecta

By: Delilah Devlin

Delta Heat, Book 3

Chapter One

The previous night…

Craig Eason stood in the shadows, his stomach tightening with a mixture of dread and excitement. He cracked his neck from side to side, then stepped toward the rear of the crowd gathered around the stage, his hands on hips, waiting for his cue.

Where minutes ago techno music had blared through the door of the changing room while he’d donned a thin pair of black cotton sweats, Club La Forge was now eerily quiet.

Lights from the crystal chandelier that lit the large main salon were dimmed. A spotlight shone above one stage, drawing all gazes.

The pretty little redhead who stood in the center of the raised stage looked poised and confident, but Craig knew the Domme was a quivering bundle of nerves, and he couldn’t help but smile. One of his best buds, Gus Taggert, was about to receive a hell of a sexy beating from his very own doughnut girl—a woman the big guy hadn’t stopped talking about since he’d been conned into buying doughnuts at her shop. Gus had fallen as hard as a stack of bricks the moment Aislinn Darby had told him to face the pastry shelf and spread ’em—and then firmly gripped his junk.

Craig understood how a moment like that could change a man. He hoped to have a moment like that of his own one day soon. Maybe it would happen here at the club. Maybe it would happen tonight, but he wasn’t holding his breath. Tonight was Gus’s night. Craig was only here for support, or so Aislinn had said. Although exactly what kind of support he wasn’t a hundred percent sure after she’d grilled him over the acts he’d be willing to perform, like a menu of spicy dishes, some so hot he’d gotten instantly hard. When she’d finished, he’d asked what exactly she had in mind.

Ever since he’d asked that question and gotten a cool smile, he’d been sweating. Aislinn, or Ash as she was called here, had plans, and he was just a tool. Just another switch willing to play sub to her Domme for a chance to get noticed by someone who might make a difference in his life. Craig had needs, dark needs that he wanted filled. And he hoped for a connection, mind, body and soul, but for now, he’d settle for someone steady. Someone who’d see him on a regular basis so he could get his freak on without having to negotiate each session like he was ordering a hamburger at a drive-through.

He cast his glance around the expansive, high-ceilinged room. The crowd was larger than usual. Word was out something special was happening tonight. Tonight was all about consequences—a reckoning Gus had earned for topping his sweet Domme from the bottom the previous Friday.

Craig couldn’t help but be a little jealous. Gus’s girl was one fine-looking woman. Ash was dressed in leather the color of a juicy orange and looked as tasty as a sherbet cone. Gus would take one look and want to lick her from head to toe. Craig’s own mouth watered. The tiny top she wore looked like a bikini bra that had gone through a shredder. Skinny, strategically placed straps held it together. A tight little red leather skirt with darker flames licking at the short hem hugged her cute, round ass.

Her flame-red hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her eyes were rimmed in black. Nothing of her nervousness showed in her pale face, but Craig had seen the quiver in her hands when she’d spoken with him earlier. She’d pulled it together. She faced the crowd with confidence now. When Gus strode nude toward the stage, Ash’s gaze locked on his buddy’s tall, thick frame and stayed there.

Craig’s sex started to stir, watching for that moment the couple’s gazes locked. Ash froze. Gus’s gaze never faltered even though sweat gleamed on his chest and face. His cock stood erect, bobbing in front of him. Craig didn’t think Gus had ever looked more proud—like a man on a mission who wasn’t going to let fear or embarrassment get in the way of what he wanted. And not a person in La Forge had any doubts that the thing he wanted most was Ash.

Craig’s mind wandered a bit as Gus climbed the stage to stand in front of Ash, his head bent in submission. They spoke together, too quietly for their words to carry. Then Gus turned away and walked to the sawhorse set beneath chains draping from the ceiling.

The moment the Domme scanned the crowd and found Craig, his body stiffened. He was to be her helper this night, but Craig knew he’d have a more active role than just handing her implements. Not that he minded.

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