A Toxic Love Affair 3

By: Stacey Fenner

Chapter 1

Tyrone was finally boarding the plane to a place that he dreaded the most, Chicago. He hadn’t been back there since he left. He tried to get out of it by coming up with excuses, but his boss wasn’t trying to hear it. He landed a job at C&C Builders, Galloway’s competition and his job was to steal their business since he had inside information plus, lay down some blueprints in exchange for a healthy salary, free rent for a year in one of C&C’s finest penthouses. How could he refuse? The deal was sealed not long after he parted ways with Susan.

Tyrone stayed with the trick up the street right before things went south with them. The vibe was good at first, but then she started getting obsessive and insecure. Tyrone wasn’t about to be on anybody’s watch. She started questioning his every move. The only woman he tolerated that from was Belinda, and it was only because he knew he messed up time and time again plus the love was there. He had no other choice but to make her feel comfortable. But this trick was on some other stuff. All Tyrone ever heard was an echo in his ear, I watched your daughter in your house while you lived with another woman, I don’t trust you, every single day. There was only so much he could take of that so when he landed the job that relationship was a wrap.

Tyrone came back to the apartment and laughed and joked with her. They had a good time. He had sex with her for the very last time, then handed her a hundred dollar bill so she could do some grocery shopping. While she was gone, he packed all of his stuff, set the television on cartoon network, told her kids to watch the show and don’t move until mommy got back. He was out of there. How was he supposed to know that her two-year-old would drown himself in a tub of water. He forgot she had run his bath water before she left. Tyrone felt he was not responsible for that kid not listening. He hoped she made out okay. Tyrone was in the clear because she didn’t even know his real name. He changed his number and just kind of disappeared. The police didn’t even believe her story from what the news said. Tyrone was straight. He had dodged that bullet. She knew who she was dealing with. He couldn’t even watch his own child, what made her think that he could watch hers? That’s what these women get when they put a man before their children. One thing about Belinda, she was a mother before anything. The kids came first. Once Jr came she no longer catered to him the way he needed. That was part of the reason why he was always out there cheating. She was good to him and a good woman period. Tyrone usually hit himself upside the head, at least, three times a day. How did he let her get away from him was beyond his way of thinking? Other women just didn’t amount to her in the least. The only one that came close was Rachel, but even she fell short. If Tyrone was the type of man to really father kids, he would take the twins from her carpet munching ass. Who would have ever thought she would go the other way? Two women raising kids? No wonder them twins were bad as fuck. No matter how much a woman wants to be a man she will never be one. Those kids need some kind of an authority figure in their life. As much as he’d traveled back and forth to Baltimore, most of the time he didn’t even let her know he was in town. Being with twins for five minutes was enough for him. He wanted to beat their asses because they had no home training at all.

Having a baby by Susan was just a bad mistake, Tyrone should have strapped up. Who knows what Dimples would have to go through in this life with a dizzy ass mother. He tried to do right by Dimples, but that shit was too much work plus Susan thought she was in a real relationship with him. It didn’t take long for him to realize that’s why God made women the caregivers because a man wasn’t cut from that cloth. Tyrone couldn’t be no Mr. Mom changing nasty diapers, making bottles, and dealing with a crying baby. She was adorable though. He had to admit he made some pretty babies.

Maybe if his mother wasn’t so strung out there on them drugs, she could have nurtured him more. Maybe then he would have been a better man. All she ever cared about was where her next hit was coming from. Most nights he slept in the pissy hallways of the projects waiting for her to come get him. She would be gone for weeks. Sometimes the neighbors felt bad for him and would feed him their scraps. Hell, they were struggling themselves to feed their own kids. He would wait for Big Boys to close and throw out the food then dive in the dumpster so that he could eat.

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