Abused By Many Loved By Few

By: Mae Landers

Aniyah Jones is a teenage girl who had a life that most girls dreamed of. When tragedy strikes her and her family Aniyah is forced to live a life of abuse, humiliation and in constant fear. Through all her trials she meets Darren Wilkson who plans on pimping her out at first but quickly changes his mind after staring into her pretty doe eyes. He has made a vowel to love, honor, and protect her through it all. But there is one enemy lurking and that’s Darren’s mom Kay. Not only does she pose a threat to Aniyah but she is also willing to take out her own son for the love of money. Will Darren and Aniyah survive Kay’s wrath or will they die trying.


My life used to be the best. As the only child I had it all, my parents was the best. They loved each other whole heartily and loved me even more than they loved themselves. I lived in the best part of Kentwood, Michigan. Where crime was absent and the schools actually taught you what you needed to know. My mom was a kinder garden teacher and my dad was an electrician. She was fun. Always doing some type of activity to keep her students interested and me busy. My dad on the other hand was serious most of the time. But he had his own cool vibe to himself and he was very gentle with my mom and me. They made pretty good money together. During the summers my dad always got a second job to cover the money from my mom being off. I was nowhere near the perfect child but I knew how far to push my parents before they got super ghetto on my ass. Other kids my age really didn’t like me but they dealt with me because I had name brand everything and of course they thought they can get something out of me. Little did they know we lived paycheck to paycheck like every other parent.

They just spent their extra money on me instead of themselves unlike the other some. I remember the family nights my parents and I used to have. It was amazing because we did whatever I want to do. I think that was their way of apologizing for the time that they didn’t spend with me. I would have to say that I was lucky because I came from parents that loved me. I thought that I will always have that. But one particular night changed that for me.

The night my parents died in that car accident trying to make it to my school play was the worse day of my life. I got on stage, I was the lead and never once saw them in the audience. I was mad but never in a million years would I have known that a cop was waiting for me to tell me that my parents were dead. That they were ran off the road by a drunk semi-truck driver. Never once did I think that my life will forever be destroyed because no one will ever love me like my parents loved me at least I thought. For the time being I WAS ALONE!

Chapter 1


Taking time out to think about what was or what it is right now. I have come to the conclusion that group homes are not a place for a girl like me. I am lively, and full of energy, love, and everything else that is good and peaceful. This place is full of pain, misery, chaos and it’s very depressing. People are constantly in my face wanting to talk and that is something that I don’t want to do right now. They just don’t understand that my life has done a complete turn around and this place has taken all the joy I had for life the moment I stepped foot inside the door. So the only thing that was left for me to do was shut down and become withdrawn. I was hurting, alone and scared shitless. I had no one that I could count on. My parent’s death took a lot out of me and there was nothing for me to live for. I just didn’t want to feel anything anymore. I didn’t want to live.

Having to talk to therapists was the fucking worse because they just assumed they knew what the fuck was going on. I wasn’t even in that place a full hour before the counselors had me sitting in front of this nerdy white woman who had me irritated as hell. She wanted to talk about my parents and my stay at Hollow Brook Group Home. Well shit only if she knew this damn place was not a place I would send my damn dog if I had one. She just stared at me for about ten minutes before trying to pry into my head. She got nothing out of me. To be honest the session was a waste of my fucking time. Shit all I wanted to do was run away from that place. I just need to be by myself and figure out how to make my life better. Figure out how I can get my joy back. I didn’t want people constantly in my face asking me questions.

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