Accepted Fate

By: Charisse Spiers



It's Friday, the week following junior year and the start to a perfect summer. I can't wait for two whole months of shopping, parties and lying on the beach. Everything in my life is going just the way I wanted it to. Making squad captain was just the cherry on top. Mom left a couple of hours ago since she's due in court on some big court case, dad is always gone before sun up, and I haven't seen my brother, Konnor, since his graduation last Saturday. I guess I have the house to myself again. I'm starting to sense this is going to become a normal thing.

I put my arms above my head to stretch. I look over to the clock on my bedside table, eight thirty, perfect time to get up and head to gymnasium and I do mean cheer gym not fitness. I really need to be practicing so I can keep my body limber. We already cut down on squad practice over the summer so it's up to me to make my own schedule. I need to call my coach before someone else books his schedule solid. Sitting up and getting ready to get out of bed, my phone starts ringing. Looking at the screen, I see Presley's name, lighting up and her photo flashes across the screen. Touching the green answer button, I answer. "Hello?" Still somewhat half asleep, a noise comes through the phone. Is that a treadmill? What on earth is she doing?

"Please tell me you're not still in bed, Kinzleigh Baker. We only have a few short months of fun before we're back to being slaves of high school and you're not going to waste it away sleeping. I will form an intervention if I need to," she says sarcastically with a smile in her tone.

I smile at myself and roll my eyes because Presley knows me a little too well. She cannot possibly be running while she's talking on the phone, can she? She doesn't even really sound out of breath. "Presley, I get up early ten months of the year, why would I get up early during my summer vacation? How do you expect me to enjoy freedom from school if I can't sleep in? What are you doing anyway? Did you call me while you're exercising?"

She sighs playfully, "Okay for one, what's with the twenty questions? Two, you're a lost cause, Kinzleigh. How many times do I have to tell you, if Monday through Friday, the hot guys work out early or late at the gym? Most people actually have a life to get to. Don't you want some of that amazing muscle for yourself? Don't you want to watch the sweat bead up on the skin of one hot boy standing mere steps away? You don't want to go with the old and ugly people do you?"

Presley has always been a little too crazy about the male gender if you ask me, but what do I know? I'm single and intend to stay that way. I have seen the recurring cycle of love and loss. Heart break is something I intend to avoid at all costs. I'd rather take precautions up front and steer clear, than to deal with the consequences after the fact. "No thanks, I'll leave that for you. I'm just fine having my precious sleep time...alone," I say sarcastically.

My brother, Konnor, is only a year older than me and my only sibling, so we have always been close. He was with the same girl for three years and a month before graduation he walked in on her at a senior party, with his best friend buried between her legs. The bitch didn't even have the decency to act upset. Instead, she blamed it on the fact that they were about to head off to colleges on opposite ends of the state when she should have been a woman and broke things off to fool around. He beat the crap out of his best friend, Logan, putting him in the hospital for almost a week. The month following, Konnor went off the deep end, started experimenting with drugs and stayed drunk. He almost lost his football scholarship to UCLA. My parents freaked out, of course, and made him start talking to a therapist.

Since my dad is alumni and donates a lot of money to the football program, coach gave him until startup of summer training in July to deal with his issues. He was the best quarterback at our school and was offered scholarships all over the country, but is barely holding on to his dream all because of falling in love. He is just one of so many people that end up hurt. No thank you, I'll take a pass.

"Oh right, I forgot I'm dealing with a prude," she laughs back at me before becoming serious again. "You need to venture out and meet a guy. It's really unhealthy to completely cut out the male species in your life aside from your family. One of these days, you're going to regret missing out on things like dating. Don't you want to go to prom and homecoming? You cannot miss out on everything in high school just because you're afraid of getting hurt. No one said you have to fall in love, but please, just let me set you up one time."

"How many times do I have to tell you dating is your thing Presley? This conversation is pointless, you know this. We have had it like a thousand times already," I whine through the phone, falling back down onto my pillow. "I don't have to date to enjoy my life. Besides, I have too much to work on towards my future, without having some guy requiring more of my time than I have to give. A career is more important to me. Now, you know that I love you, but what do you want?"

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