Accidentally Falling for the Tycoon

By: Shadonna Richards

 (Whirlwind Romance Series)

You just never know when or where true love can strike.

Heartbroken Jen Anne Somers wasn’t looking for Mr. Right—but he turned up in her flower shop, buying roses—for another woman. He’s hot but she quickly dismisses him. It seems as if all the good men are taken.

Blake Harrington was quite content being single and free until his eyes captured beautiful down-to-earth Jen, the new store clerk at The Special Gift Flower Shop. He wants to make his move but he’d rather not say who the flowers are for—that would ruin his little secret. Can true love blossom in the most unexpected places?

“Every cloud has a silver lining”—Proverb

Jen Anne Somers finished placing flowers on the display shelf of The Special Gift Flower Shop. Though she loved her new job, it wasn’t exactly her chosen field. However, she was grateful to find employment in the tough economy. She didn’t know how she would come up with the full rent this month, but she was going to take it one day at a time—or one worry at a time. After her ex walked out of her life…things got pretty rough. She was going to make a new beginning.

“So glad you could help out, Jen,” Mr. Myers, the store owner said as he hobbled from the back, carrying boxes of ornaments.

“Oh, no worries, Mr. Myers. It’s my pleasure.” Jen took the boxes from him and placed them on the counter.

Being in The Special Gift flower shop was a blessing—the silver lining in her dark clouds of recent disappointments. Jen had just been through a horrible break-up with her ex. Taking a break from men and finding herself was the best gift she could give to herself right now—time. Not just any time, but “me” time. Working at the flower shop was a special treat because of its location which was a five minute walk from the beach. She enjoyed the scenery and the sound of the ocean waves. It was perfect.

She had lost her job in the same week as the break-up. She figured this was probably time to really stop and smell the roses, so to speak. What a good way to get out of a slump—to be surrounded by beauty and the pretty scents of nature. For the first time in her life she could finally relax on the job and not have to worry about filling quotas or dealing with office politics or working ungodly overtime hours. Maybe this was what she needed. She felt like a person for once, not a work machine. Maybe it was time for a career change to something less stressful.

Just then the door chime sounded and when Jen looked up to see who her first customer would be, her heart stopped.

The tall, handsome stranger who walked through the doors of the gift shop caught her off guard. She’d seen good-looking men before, but he was—stunning! His dark, sexy eyes were captivating. The tall man looked ravishing in his dark, expensive-looking suit with his silver tie.

Stop gaping at him, fool! Concentrate.

The very way he stood looking at the display shelf, his hands shoved in the pockets of his tailored pants, oozed confidence. As he scrutinized the floral arrangement on the shelf, Jen checked him out surreptitiously. When he took his hand out of his pocket she noted there was no ring on his ring finger. Okay. But he didn’t give off the unattached vibe. A guy like that must be taken. Certainly can’t be footloose or fiancé free.

Jen, focus.

What was with her all of a sudden? This wasn’t like her. It was just that she’d never met anyone like him before. Not that she had much experience in her thirty years. She’d spent most of it as a wall flower. Her ex was the closest she’d come to a real relationship.

“Hi, um…can I help you?” Jen’s timid voice slid out from her throat.

“Uh, yeah. I’m looking for a special…” Mr. Handsome paused when their eyes locked for a moment. An awkward moment.

“Gift?” she finished for him.

He seemed a bit distracted for a moment. Did she have something on her face? Jen began to feel self-conscious to the max. She stole a discreet glance at the mirror by the display case to make sure.

He ran his fingers through his mane and continued.

“Uh, yes. The most beautiful floral arrangement you have. Money is no object.”

“Oh, um…well sure.”

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