After Everything I've Done For You 2

By: Nicety




Giving honor to God. He who is the head of my household.

Thank you to my family; I will love

you all until the end of time, you are the air that

I breathe.

To my friends; thanks for keeping me afloat

when I thought I would sink.

To my fans and many followers; I love you

all more than words can say.

Thank you for the love and support

you deliver each day!


I would like to dedicate this book to

my husband, children, family and my friends

that supported my dream over the years

of becoming a published writer.

They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself years ago.

I’m making you proud now! Also to my readers for

without you there would be no me. I love you all!

Major shout outs to David Weaver, my publisher for believing in me and trusting that we can make this happen. You’re the best. Special shout outs also go to the BankRoll Squad for welcoming me into your family and making me feel right at home.

Love ya to pieces!

More Special Shout outs to #TEAMNICETY, the bullets to my nine!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart

for always supporting me and making sure that I

remained focused on the task at hand, which was getting

your books to you on time. Laughing but dead serious.

To my husband, the perfect verse over a tight beat.

Thanks for being nothing more than you!

**If I have forgotten anyone, know that

I love you still**

Last Time on After Everything I’ve Done For You: A Chi-Town Soap Opera…


…“Uh un. No you won’t not up in here bitch. You deserved that smack. I think you should just take that shit as your punishment and get your slut bucket ass on up outta here.” My momma was a no nonsense kind of woman. Godly, but she didn’t play when it came down to it.

Damita looked back at me and smiled. I didn’t know what I had done to her to deserve what she had done to me but I guess it was all in good reason. It was karma coming back to bite me in the ass. I had done it to Bianca and Damita had just returned the favor. It made me wonder if that was that bitch’s ammo the entire time, revenge for her raggedy ass cousin.

I didn’t know what the motive was and I no longer gave a damn. Both of those hoes were out of my life and so was my fucked up ass baby’s daddy. The next time he would see my motherfucking kids would be in court ordered visitation once I received my got-damn child support. Bet he never thought I would ever hit him where it hurts.

“I think I saw her hop her hot ass in his car too,” my momma said peeking out of the vertical blinds.

“Momma,” I shrieked. “Get out the window and watch the kids for me. I’ll be back. I’ve got some business to handle real quick.”


…“No Myking. You can’t leave me like this. We should talk this out. This is not how we should be starting out our relationship with miscommunication.” I pressed my hand to his chest again.

“Ain’t no miscommunication shit,” Myking roared almost as loud as the thunder outside. “You playing and I’m not for none of that shit.”


“What the fuck man? You think I’m that stupid that I can’t see you still in this nigga’s face and shit? You’re still checking for this nigga, Bianca. You want him, not me.” He walked off again.

“Myking wait. Why do you keep walking away from me? We need to talk about this,” I pleaded hoping he would listen. "Please just talk to me."

“Don’t you get it? What don't you seem to understand? Ain’t shit to talk about. You playing mind games that I ain't got time for right now. When you want a real man in your life, you hit me up and maybe if I’m available I’ll fit you in it,” Myking growled as he shoved me gently out the way to get to the door.

When the door slammed behind him, it startled the shit out of me causing me to jump from its impact. I stared at it wondering if he would storm back through the door and forgive me. I wanted him to give me another chance. Where I fucked up at was not telling Jeremiah right at the gate that Myking and I was together. I just didn’t know if it was smart to do that right now.

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