All I Have(10)

By: Fatima Munroe

“What’s up bro?” she had a small smile. Brii moved out of her embrace and left the kitchen. Mo watched her disappear into the back with a disoriented look upon her face. She knew something was defiantly up.

“Hey Mo, how you feeling?” Zah interrupted her thoughts with a question.

“I’m fine. Why y’all asking me that?” Mo cracked up.

“Just checking and y’all?” Zah was curious.

“Yeah, Briiski asked me this morning.” Mo told him. Before speaking, Zah cleared his throat, hacked up saliva and spit.

“Oh my bad then. You know that girl stay worried about you. Tell me I’m crazy, but I used to think y’all had something going back in the day. Well, after I broke up with her anyways.” Zah was the only one who found it funny. Mo smiled but didn’t laugh.

“What if we did have something?” she jokingly challenged. They both knew what was up but she wanted to see where pulling his chain would go. Zah was still cracking up.

“Nigga get out of here. I was fucking with you. Besides, she’s not gay. She still wants me.” Zah cleared his throat and repeated his spitting routine again.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. What you call me for fool?” Mo got to the point. She knew he called for a reason. Hearing him say, Brii wanted him, irked her nerves. Maybe that’s what it is, she thought to herself.

“I wanted to run this new plan, I had going, by you. You might actually like it.”

Zah loved Mo like a big sister but he wanted more. He was tired of serving just Miami. He wanted to be like Marc and be metro. Deep down he was hoping that she said no to his vision. He was tired of being in her shadow.

“Yeah, okay. Where you want to meet?” Mo nibbled on the now cold bacon that Brii made. Just then, she heard the bathroom door open and close.

“Miami Beach. Burger and Beer Joint.”

Mo agreed before hanging up. Once she was off the phone, she went to go see what Brii was up too. She found her in the spare room, adjacent from the bathroom. There was music playing and she was vibin’. Her Pandora station was set to Boo Thang radio. Mo laid across the bed and watched Brii get dressed. She slipped her hot pink, laced panty and bra set on under the towel, then turned to Mo.

“What was that about?” she inquired about the call.

Mo’s eyes were closed as she relaxed her mind. She was tired of everything that consisted of her lifestyle. Originally, it was all fun and games. Now, she wanted a change. She wanted to do something, she could be proud of. Something she would put a smile on Mae-Mae’s face with.

She opened her eyes and looked at the woman before her. She wasn’t the short, chubby girl she’d met fifteen years ago. She was a well portioned, still short, woman now. Mo bit her bottom lip and studied Brii as she put one leg in her denim skinny jeans, at a time. She had to jump up and down just to get them over her butt. All that ass, Mo smirked.

“You going to tell me? Or am I going to have to play the guessing game?” Brii turned to look at Mo with just her bra and jeans on. She was looping a leather, black belt through her jeans now.

“He wants to meet about some work related stuff.” Mo waved off and dropped her arm on the bed. Brii saw the annoyed look in her face and took a seat. At the same time, putting on a baby tee, with Queen Bitch, and a crown over the Q, on the front.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to go?” she moved her head to the side and grouped her curly hair into a messy bun. Mo got up and stretched.

“Not really. I just want to chill; you know? I just got out. I been thinking about doing something other than pushing weight. I’m ready to leave this shit to them hungry niggas, block hugging and shit.” she poured her stresses out. Brii just sat and listened, while putting on some white, grey and black, Nike air forces.

“You ever think there’s more to life than this shit?” Mo seriously asked.

“Of course I do. Why you think I gave that shit up?” Brii shrugged.

Back when Mo and Zah started, Brii would help them here and there. It wasn’t something she ever saw herself doing. She just did it because her best friend was in it. It also helped with her shopping habit and paying bills. A year of putting in work and Brii was done with it. She’d seen too many people flip and get killed right in front of her eyes. There were times when she even had to press her heat, just to show some dudes that she wasn’t to be fucked with. She shook her head, glad that she’d washed her hands with that mess.

“Yeah, I guess. Where you going?” Mo got in her business this time.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” she smirked while putting on Endless Love, lotion and body spray, from Victoria secret. Mo came over and stood behind her. She put her hands on Brii’s shoulders and bent down to reign kisses on her neck. Brii turned around and pushed her off.

“No, Moriah. This…” she pointed between her and Mo. “Can’t go on, until everything is on the table. You have some explaining to do.” she crossed her arms. Brii wanted to hear everything that Yasmine and Asha told her, come from Mo’s mouth. Mo threw her hands up in defeat. She knew Brii was right.

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