All I Have(2)

By: Fatima Munroe

Instead of answering her with a comeback, she turned the music up. Mo knew she hit a soft spot. Not much could tick Brii off. She was usually laid back with a smile or shrugging things off. Mo saw the tears coming and felt bad for throwing Brii’s past in her face.

Maria I’m Drunk by Travis Scott bumped through the speakers and she got hype. That’s exactly what she wanted to do at the moment. She had plans of turning up but first she had to see her favorite girl and cousins.

Brii pulled up to Mo’s grandmother Mae’s house out in Pinecrest and killed the engine. It was a nice sized four bed room, three-and-a-half-bathroom home with a nice sized front and back yard. The neighborhood was well assembled with other nice houses and families that made the neighborhood look and feel comfortable. Mo thought back to the day she bought this spot for her Mae-Mae, as she called her, and smiled. Mae-Mae was so happy that day. Three years later and it still looked in perfect condition.

Mae took Mo in after her parents died in a car accident, when she was just a toddler. Mo didn’t remember her parents so it never bothered her any. For all she knew, Mae birthed her and that was fine by her. Mae and Brii’s grandmother, Ruth were next door neighbors at one point. That’s when they lived in Allapattah- one of the poorest neighborhoods in Miami. Brii and her mother went to live with Ruth due to Brii’s father being abusive to her mother. Brii was only seven when she moved on Mo’s block. Even then she had a crush on Zah, who lived across the street, adjacent to Mo’s house. Mo and Brii automatically clicked and deemed each other besties. Not once did Brii ever look at Mo more than a friend. She always knew she was different but never judged her for it. Mo couldn’t say the same about Brii.

The very first day they met, she felt some type of way. Even at age nine Mo knew she wanted to kiss girls. The one she really wanted to kiss, never wanted to kiss her, not that she tried anyways. Brii’s infatuation with Zah was what kept her from spilling her feelings. As the years went by, she learned to keep them at bay until she convinced herself, they weren’t there. The more girls that threw themselves at her, made it easier to bury her feelings.

As Brii walked up the drive way to the front door, Mo had an eyeful of her rotund bottom in the Dereon jeans that hugged her shape. They almost looked painted on. Mo checked her out from a distance. The stringy, laced peach top she wore brought the glow out of her soft, nutmeg skin. Her full lips were painted with clear lip gloss and the way the sun was set on her light brown eyes, they looked almost hazel. Brii felt Mo watching her and turned on her heels to stare back.

“What, big head?” she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms under her voluptuous, perky C cups.

Mo stood there in awe of her for a minute. Her long eyelashes, narrow nose, doe eyes, bowlegs and shoulder length curly black hair was perfect to Mo. She slowly walked up to her. Her 5’9 stature towering over Brii’s thick, 5’4 frame. Brii was a size sixteen and wore it proudly. Looking at her, most wouldn’t guess she was that size since it was mostly on her thighs, hips and ass.

“Look boo, I didn’t mean what I said. I was wrong and I apologize. Thank you for riding for me throughout this bid.” She pulled her into a hug. Brii’s once hard demeanor melted into Mo’s strong embrace.

“I forgive you, and you know I got you like Michelle got Barack.” Brii smiled up at her. If she were to ever date a girl, it would definitely be the one she was hugging right now.

Mo wasn’t ugly in the least bit. She had blemish free, dark caramel colored skin that she kept oiled with cocoa butter. She hated to be dry. The women she attracted enjoyed rubbing on her soft skin as well. Add the deep brown chinky eyes, soft pouty lips, high cheek bones, her charm and she was a keeper. Brii was caught up in the moment as Mo’s face got closer to hers. She found herself reaching up on her tippy toes to meet her to the half way mark. Never did she ever think a kiss from a female would be so sweet and intoxicating.

Mo added her tongue and felt her heart skip a beat. Those old feelings were resurfacing. Brii moaned and her nipples got hard. She opened her eyes, realizing what was happening and pulled away. She slapped Mo unintentionally, shocked and embarrassed. She checked her surroundings to make sure no one had saw them. To her surprise, no one was outside. Brii backed away from Mo, shaking her head and ran towards the house with Mo on her heels.

“Briiski wait! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kiss you like that.” Mo ran in after her and all her family and loved ones were standing there in shock.

As soon as Brii came in they were getting in position to surprise Mo. Instead, they were surprised. They looked from Brii, who’s face was flushed to Mo who’s eyes were big as quarters now. She didn’t expect to walk in the house and air out their business.

“WELCOME HOME!” the family managed to yell. There was no use in making things anymore awkward than they already were.

Mo smiled and greeted her fam one by one as they came up and gave her hugs and love. Brii stood back and watched with Mo’s eyes directly on her. She looked away and bit her lip, something she had a habit of doing. What the fuck was I thinking? She thought to herself. Mo walked over to her and looked around the room before speaking. She thought everyone would’ve been watching their every move around each other now. They all seemed enthralled in their own conversations.

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