All I Have(3)

By: Fatima Munroe

“Brielle, say something…please.” Mo needed to know that they were alright. That the kiss wasn’t going to come between them or their friendship. Brii shook her head and watched everyone around her. She was afraid to draw attention in their corner. Mo reached for her face and directed her attention on her.

“I’m right here, ma.” She said, gazing. Brii moved her face from Mo’s grasp and shook her head. She was stuck in between words. If she did say anything, it wouldn’t make much sense.

“I…I, um…” she attempted but shook her head.

Mo stood there waiting for her to spit her words out. Brii looked down then back up into Mo’s eyes. She took a deep breath in then out. Before she could get the words out, somebody caught her eye.

“Baby! Omg you’re out. I didn’t believe it when I heard it but yay, you’re home. Welcome back!” Desiree came up hugging Mo from behind.

Brii saw the look of irritation and Mo’s eyes roll. That was her cue to walk away. If she stuck around Desiree any longer, she might’ve decked her. All of a sudden she’s baby, Brii rolled her eyes.

“We’ll talk later.” She barely got out and walked away. Mo wanted to go after her but she had to take care of the leech on her back first.

“Ugh, well hellooo to you too, Brii!” Desiree yelled at her back.

Brii didn’t even bother turning around. She hated the fact that Desiree was even there, still around for that matter. She would’ve loved to escort Desiree out but that was none of her business.


Two hours later, Brii was helping Mo’s cousins Yasmine and Asha out in the kitchen. Yasmine and Asha were nineteen-year-old twin sisters. They had naturally, thick, curly hair, medium bronze skin tones, slanted, light brown eyes, small, heart shaped lips and slender, petite builds. Brii loved them both like little sisters and vice versa. The twins and Mo had all grown up in Mae’s house together. The three of them acted more like sisters than anything. Mo was more like the big brother with a period to them. They along with Mae-Mae were very accepting of her sexuality. It was actually great for them because Mo wasn’t into fighting over boys or worried about, who got to use the bathroom first. Instead, she was as cool and laid back as can be. That was one less stress for the house.

While the twins gossiped about Aunt Gerry’s tacky lace front and Uncle Rock’s pimp stick that he poked Asha with, Brii washed dishes and put them away. The twins noticed she was quieter tonight than usual. Actually, it seemed like the entire party she was distant.

“What’s wrong Briiski?” Asha asked first. Brii looked up from the plate she was washing and shook her head.

“Nothing boo. I’m good.” She went back to washing.

Asha didn’t believe that no more than did she believe Mo and Brii really kissed. She was just as shocked to hear it as everyone else. She was even more surprised that Aunt Gerry didn’t blast them about it. They loved their aunt, but she tended to be messy. Aunt Gerry was Mae’s little sister and acted as if her shit didn’t stink, while looking down upon others. Asha was happy if they really did kiss. It was about time, in her book. She always felt like Mo and Brii would be a cute couple.

“Mhmm. So did she really kiss you?” Yasmine got in the mix.

Brii rolled her eyes. She knew it was coming sooner than later. Yasmine was the bolder one of the twins. While her sister was quieter. Yasmine usually ended up saying or asking whatever Asha wouldn’t.

“Yeah. She did, it was nothing though.” Brii played it off. She was trying to persuade herself as well as them. That kiss felt like a long time coming, even for her. If she wasn’t mistaken, she could’ve assumed that Mo did it on purpose.

“Nothing my ass. You ran in here like she was Mr. Jenkins, trying to steal your goodies.” Yasmine cracked.

Mr. Jenkins was the old, registered sex offender who lived right next door. He rarely came out his house and when he did, he was always in a dirty old white beater and navy blue sweats with his belly hanging out. There was a rumor going around the neighborhood that he had a torture room in his basement. A lot of the younger kids in the neighborhood would sometimes get together and peep through his windows just to see if it was true.

“You’re sick in the head.” Asha directed at her sister. Yasmine waved her off with an eye roll.

“No, seriously Brii. What happened? If you saw that look in your eyes and hers, you’d want to know too.” she turned back to Brii, who was pouring orange juice in a cup now.

“Okay, we kissed and it was…EVERYTHING! I’ve never felt what I felt when Mo kissed me. It was like…” Brii couldn’t find the word.

“Magic?” Asha offered.

“An orgasm?” Yasmine said with a smirk. Brii and Asha both looked at her with grave faces. Leave it to her to say whatever came first.

“What?” she didn’t see anything wrong with what she said.

“Lord, help her.” Brii put her hand on Yasmine’s forehead. They all had a laugh at that. There was no helping Yasmine. She just didn’t care.

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