All I Have(4)

By: Fatima Munroe

“But it was more like chemistry. That’s what me and Mo have.” Brii thought about what she had just said. “Which was why it was so easy for me to kiss her back!” she shouted. Yasmine and Asha laughed at her sudden outburst.

“Call it whatever you want. You want her as much as she wants you.” Asha blurted then covered her mouth. Brii looked at her with wide eyes.

“She wants me?” This was her first time ever hearing that. Asha still had her mouth covered and shook her head no. Mo had told them that one day, in confidence. Not even Yasmine, would spill that.

“Yeah she does. Mo been wanting you since y’all was nine and seven. She just doesn’t say it because of her loyalty to Zah punk ass.” Yasmine thought fuck it and finished her sister’s confession.

She’d been holding that in for too long anyways. Brii didn’t know what irritated her more. The fact that Mo kept it from her all this time or Mo continuing to think she owed Zah something. That was getting real old, real fast.

“Why didn’t she just she tell me?” Brii bit her bottom lip.

“Seriously, Brii? What would you have said, if she brought that to you?” Asha rationalized.

“Right. Y’all for damn sure wouldn’t be Barack and Michelle today. You would’ve freaked out and told Zah.” Yasmine backed her sister up.

They both knew how into Zah, Brii was back in the day. Mo’s poor feelings would’ve been hurt by rejection. She knew they were right but that didn’t stop her from denying it.

“I would have not!” Brii exclaimed. The twins laughed at her, knowing she knew the truth.

“You would have too, brown nose.” Asha mimicked while Yasmine was on the floor dying of laughter.

“I hope you choke, wanch.” Brii looked at her rolling around on the floor. Asha joined her sister in laughter but not as dramatically.

“I hate y’all.” Brii leaned against the counter and joined the hysterics.

“We love you too!” the twins said in unison.

On the other side of the kitchen door, Desiree heard everything that was said. Mo had just broken up with her and now this. She always suspected something between Brii and Mo. Now she had verbal proof. Brii didn’t have to say she felt the same way about Mo, she saw it in her eyes whenever they were together. She wiped the tears from her eyes and walked into the kitchen like everything was cool. A blind man could see that she had been crying. Brii, Asha and Yasmine ceased their laughter and started talking about their plans for later.

“So y’all know Hittaz is about to be popping.” Asha slapped hands with her girls.

Brii had set up another welcome home celebration for Mo at her favorite spot. Hittaz was a well-known strip club, located downtown Miami. It was usually a hot commodity on the weekends. It housed an upstairs V.I.P section with stripper poles, a bar and dance floor. The downstairs had a fully stocked bar, the main stage for when the strippers did their shows, small tables in every section of the room, with a few booths and also offered a medium sized dance floor for people to get their groove on.

“Oh and my new man might slide. Y’all, please be nice. I really like him.” Yasmine pleaded.

Asha rolled her eyes. Her sister had told her all about this man. She even caught her crying over him a few times. Her eye rolling didn’t go unnoticed by Yasmine. She made the number one mistake, by complaining to her sister about their relationship without Asha having the decency to meet him first. Now she was kicking herself because it’d be impossible to win her approval.

“Nuh-uhn. How you doing my brother Jeremy like that? You know that boy wants you.” Brii put her hand on her hip. Yasmine rolled her eyes at her.

She knew Jeremy liked her but he was way too clingy for her. Each and every time he saw her, he acted like her bitch. Yasmine wanted somebody who could thug her and put her in her place when she got too out of hand. Jeremy just wasn’t it. She could walk right over him and he wouldn’t do nothing but take it.

“Whatever. He can’t handle this.” she slapped her ass and felt the ripple of waves.

Brii and Asha just shook their heads. Both really cared for Jeremy but couldn’t get her to do the same. Yasmine looked over at Desiree by the sink, with a cup of water. She already knew she was eavesdropping but using the water as an excuse. Yasmine was in a petty mood so she decided to mess with her.

“So Desiree. You coming to Mo’s welcome home turn up, right?” she challenged with an eyebrow raised. Desiree turned with the cup attached to her hand and eyeballed Brii first.

She didn’t see what Brii had that she didn’t. Brii was beautiful and had been there for Mo pretty much all of her life. Desiree wasn’t bad looking herself. Standing 5’6, creamy brown skin, big dark brown eyes, small, plump lips and dark brown, silky hair. She was roundly shaped with a small butt and D Cup breasts. She thought she was pretty cute.

Desiree failed to see her own mistakes. Not once did she go to visit Mo while she was in prison. She was too busy spending up the little money Mo left her so she would be good until she got back. She just said fuck her with no Vaseline and left Mo to hang. She quickly turned her attention to Yasmine before she ended up throwing the water in her cup, in Brii’s face.

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