All I Have(5)

By: Fatima Munroe

“Nah, I wasn’t invited.” She hastily said. Desiree hated Mo’s cousins, especially Yasmine. She always felt like she went out her way to antagonize her on purpose. Asha was much more laid back but just as lethal with her insults.

“Oh poor baby. You don’t look too good. Why you crying?” Yasmine egged on.

“Did Mo finally get tired of your ass and leave you? Hmm?” Asha added with a snide stare.

Yasmine picked on Desiree more but Asha hated her more. The day Desiree stepped into their grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner, she knew she would be trouble. On several occasions she caught her doing foul shit while her cousin was on lock down and checked her about it. Asha may’ve been the quiet one but she didn’t play when it came to Mo, Brii, Yasmine or her grandma. That was the only fam she had. Their mother had overdosed on coke when the twins were five and they didn’t know who their father was. He was most likely one of the johns their mother had slept around with back in the day.

“Okay y’all. Let her live.” Brii snickered. She didn’t like Desiree but it still didn’t make it right for the twins to double team her.

“Bitch, I don’t need you backing me up.” Desiree snapped. She didn’t want Brii’s sympathy or support. She for damn sure wasn’t going to back her up if someone was targeting her.

“See, I was trying to help your simple ass. But let me be another bitch and I don’t care what Mo say. I’m seeing you.” Brii took two steps in her direction but Asha stopped her.

“No sis. It’s not worth it. We don’t need you locked up because of that rat.” She reasoned. Desiree took this as her que to leave while she had a chance. Before she left, she decided to get slick at the mouth.

“Yeah baby girl. It’s not worth it. Wouldn’t want you locked up behind a bitch you don’t have feelings for.” She challenged with a smirk then walked out.

It took everything in Brii to not go after Desiree. She did have a point though. Did she, indeed, have feelings for Mo? Why did it take so long for them to surface, if she did? These were questions only she could answer.


Mo stepped into Hittaz stunning in a pair of black Robin jeans, a plain and simple white, long sleeved Polo shirt, some classic wheat timbs, gold accessories and her freshly re-twisted, re-dyed, honey-blonde tipped dreads. Mo felt and smelt like she was on a million. She felt refreshed and ready for the next thing. Spending that time in jail gave her a whole new outlook on life.

Breaking up with Desiree earlier was one of the first things on her to-do list. She shook her head for ever making that mistake in the first place. Everybody kept warning her about the girl. All the signs and symptoms were there but she continued to stick by her side. She thought if she showed her the love she never had in her previous relationships, she’d change her ways. Sadly, she couldn’t turn that hoe into a housewife.

“Mo Money, my nigga! They finally let a real one out.” Her young goon, Jeremy was the first to dap her up. Next, another member from her crew named Mook gave her some love.

“Mo, I missed you dawg. Glad to have you back.” He squeezed her in a hug. Mook was a big, dark skinned, solid, pure muscle, 300-pound dude. Mo fought to catch her breath when he finally released her.

“Damn. You trying to kill the big homie and she just got back.” Dev, the baby of the bunch pushed Mook out the way to show his love. He was tall and skinny, but handsome in the face. He had a smooth, brown, baby face, curls, big lips and piercing brown eyes. They especially looked out for him since he was only seventeen.

Mo really felt the love and respect from her crew. These were the same dudes who she started with and put on for. She looked at each one of them and gave them a head nod. The only one who wasn’t there was Zah. She found it odd that he didn’t even show up to Mae-Mae’s house. Zah was more than just a business partner. He was her brother, before anything.

“Man I missed you fools.” She beamed. Mook handed her a glass of Remy and she gladly took it.

It looked like they had got the entire V.I.P to themselves. Everything was decorated in her favorite colors; cocaine white, jet black and metallic gold. It almost reminded her of a new year’s celebration. Either way, it was a new year, new Mo. Mamacita by Travis Scott came on and everybody was two stepping and glass clinking.

“Damn, y’all really went all out for a nigga huh?” she got up with her drink in one hand while two stepping with her niggas.

“Nah Mo, ya gurl Brii did all this. We just got invited.” Dev teased. He along with the rest of the crew knew about Mo’s feelings for her best friend. She never had to let it be known, actions spoke louder than words.

Just then it hit her that she hadn’t seen Brii since earlier that day. Her lips tingled and heart skipped a few beats. She was just pulling her phone out to text her when she heard a bunch of women screaming and the Dj’s voice blasted through the club speakers.

“Aye ladies! Look who it is. Zahmir is in the building. Make some noooise! Oh shit, our favorite tipper, Marc here too. Show them some love tonight ladies.”

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