All I Have(6)

By: Fatima Munroe

Mo went over to the banister and saw Zah walk in with some long, muscular dude with mocha skin, a fade and a dark blue Ferragamo suit with no tie, an unbuttoned, black shirt and loafers on. Zah had on a complete, down to the shoes, black Hermes outfit. Most of the strippers were running in their direction like they were God and Jesus, leaving them behind in the resurrection. The others were willing to burn in hell because they yawned and continued to dance on their patrons.

“Mo money! What’s good my nigga?” Zah made his way up the stairs and greeted Mo on sight.

“Zah, what’s good bro?” Mo embraced her brother, she truly missed him.

The crew got up and greeted Zah and hugged Mo one more time. The dude he was with went over towards the table. He didn’t know them and didn’t care to. Mo peeped it and wasn’t feeling the disrespect. She let it slide for the time being. Mo was truly happy to be back and with the same people she started with. Zah snapped his fingers and a group, three strippers deep, came to his aid.

“Can my nigga get a few lap dances, please?” Zah clapped his hands and three stripper came to his request. The thickest one caught Mo’s attention, especially. Zah grabbed her by the waist and whispered something into her ear. He knew Mo was into thicker chicks. Judging by the way she was eye fucking the stripper, he knew she was infatuated.

“My name is Monique. Ooh you fine as hell.” She slurred in her thick Puerto Rican accent. Mo checked her out and squeezed her thick hips as she straddled her lap. Monique had silky, jet black hair, dark tan skin, small pouty lips and green cat eyes.

“You got a girlfriend papi?” she whispered in her ear.

Mo was taken aback by the question. Her first mind went to Brii. That wasn’t her girl but that’s where her mind was. Monique didn’t give her time to answer before kissing her lips with passion. Mo kissed the stripper back with just as much effort. All her niggas cheered her on. Yup, this was the best welcome home party.


Brii and the twins entered V.I.P just as Ciara’s Body Party came on and they went bananas. This was Brii’s favorite jam.

“My body is your party, baby. Nobody's invited but you baby. I can do it slow now, tell me what you want. Baby put your phone down, you should turn it off…” she whined her body, spun around and slowly dropped her bottom, going in a circular motion.

The whole time the song played she held her eyes closed. It didn’t matter who was in the room at the moment, Brii was in her own little world.

“What’s good beautiful?” Zah came up and placed his hand on her waist.

He checked her out and licked his lips at her. She was wearing the hell out of an all-black, strapless, body hugging, body suit. There was a V cut out in the front that vaguely showed off her supple breasts. Her face was beat to the Gods with red lipstick and smoky eyeshadow and her six -inch, Christian Louboutin matched her lipstick.

She smelled his cologne before anything. It was the same scent he wore while they dated. There was a time she used to get weak at the knees for that scent. Now, not so much. It actually disgusts her. When she opened her eyes, they found Mo. She also noticed the stripper Mo was sitting under, getting her lap sweated on. The green eyed monster kicked her in the ass and she turned her attention elsewhere. Mo was so into her dance; she didn’t see Brii watching.

“Zahmir…get your funky ass away from me.” she swatted at his hands and he took the hint but not before getting under her skin.

“You know you want me girl. Don’t worry, daddy always waiting when you ready to come back home.” he smooched at her. Brii made a gag face and gave him her middle finger.

“Yeah, whatever.” She honestly had no feelings what so ever towards him or anything he did anymore. Yasmine’s squealing brought her out her thoughts.

“Omg guys. There he is. Marc!” she waved at him but he didn’t seem to notice. “Ok y’all, how do I look?” she batted her eyelashes and posed with her hand on her hip. Brii looked her over and nodded.

“Girl, you look fine. Now go sit by him.”

Asha checked him out and gave a nod of approval. He was caramel skinned, had almond shaped, dark brown eyes, full lips, thick eye brows and a Caesar of waves that could make any woman fall weak at the knees. She still wasn’t fond of the way she heard he was treating her sister.

“Oh okay, I see you. He fine, huh.” she elbowed Brii, who’s eyes were transfixed on Mo again. She was pouring Remy on the thick stripper’s stomach and slurping it off. The green eyed monster was on her back again.

“Y’all see this shit?” she spat. At the same time, she snatched a flute of champagne off of a tray, one of the bottle girls offered. Yasmine ignored her and went over to Marc. Asha stayed there to console Brii.

“Briiski, if you like her then go tell her. Go get your boo.” She gave her a push. As if the floor was hot lava, Brii jumped back.

“No! She can’t know that I like her too. You better not tell nobody either.” Brii warned. She had finally admitted to them and herself, how she felt about Mo.

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