All I Have(7)

By: Fatima Munroe

Asha pressed her lips together and nodded. They were still standing by the stairs. Neither one heard or felt Desiree creeping up. She’d just heard everything said. She slowly and quietly went back down the steps and out the club. It was a good thing it was so loud. Or else she would’ve been caught.

As soon as she got outside, she pulled her phone out and sent a text to someone.

Desiree: I know something that you might be interested in. Call me when you get this.

She hopped back into the sparkling, dark blue 2014 Mercedes 250 that Mo purchased a year before going to jail and sped off. A sneaky grin slid across her face. She was about to shake things up in Mo’s life. She dumped the wrong bitch, she thought just as Irreplaceable by Beyoncé came on the radio.

“To the left, to the left. Everything in Mo’s life, is going to the left.” She cackled at her remix and continued to drive.


“So is she in or not?” Marc asked Zah just as he walked over and sat next to him.

In the midst of everything, Zah almost forgot about why Marc showed up. It sure wasn’t for Yasmine, who was sitting patiently waiting for his attention. Zah had no idea the two knew each other. Nor did it ever cross his mind that they were messing around. The last Zah checked, Marc had a wife and two kids, living in a beautiful two story, five bedrooms, three bathrooms’ home, in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale.

While Mo had been locked up, Zah was trying to find ways to flip their cash flow. They were copping weight from Uncle Willy but that was getting old and the fiends weren’t as consistent as when they started. He needed to one up their hustle so he reached out to Marc. His name was ringing bells all over Miami. Zah just had to know, who the Fort nigga stealing his costumers, pushing K-2 through the MIA was.

“I’m not sure yet. I’m letting her enjoy herself. She just got out of jail.” Zah nodded. That’s not what Marc wanted to hear.

“Nigga, I don’t care. Either she is or isn’t. I’m not in the business of putting no female on my squad no ways. Me and baby about to shake.” Marc looked at Yasmine and she was more than ready to leave with him. If she had been paying attention, she would’ve known they were talking about her cousin.

Zah watched as they walked away, hand in hand. On her way out, Yasmine told Brii and Asha, who were still standing by the stairs, that she was leaving. Jeremy walked over just as Yasmine was descending the stairs.

“Who’s ol’ dude?” his voice laced with jealousy. The fact that she walked in and didn’t acknowledge him, upset him.

“Her new boyfriend.” Asha informed. It looked like the green eyed monster was manipulating two of her close ones. She shook her head with a look of disdain.

“It’ll be okay brother. She’ll open her eyes one day.” Brii thought positively.

She didn’t think the guy Yasmine walked out with was all that. Jeremy was a better look for her. He had golden-brown skin, wavy brunette hair, medium dark brown eyes, dimples when he smiled and nice teeth. Most girls went for him since he was half white and Cuban.

“Why you not under a stripper?” she attempted to change the subject.

Her eyes were still on Mo, hugged up with the same one. Something caught her eye and it didn’t sit well with her. Mo looked zoned out and the stripper was going through every pocket she had.

“Oh hell nah…” Brii drank the rest of her second glass of champagne and pushed the glass into Jeremy’s chest. He couldn’t even grab it before it fell to the floor and shattered. He and Asha stepped over the pieces and followed Brii over to Mo.

No words were needed as Brii snatched the stripper by the laced bra she was wearing. Brii had no mercy on the chick who called herself robbing her best friend.

“You thought you was slick?” she slugged her in the eye with a tempting smirk on her face. She couldn’t be any more amused by this female. Monique screamed, waving her arms, covering her face and trying to get away.

“Ol’ PAB! Thought you was stealing, huh?” she wasn’t letting up as she slugged Monique in the other eye.

The other two strippers, who were dancing on Mook and Dev, ran up on Brii just in time to get slapped by Asha. Neither saw the slaps coming. Mo attempted to pull Brii awa

y but she was too weak. Brii took heed and made Mo have a seat.

“What the fuck did you do to her?” She picked Monique’s head up.

Monique coughed up a tooth before answering. “It was an X pill. Please, I’m sorry. That guy over there told me to give it to her. So she could loosen up.” She managed to point in Zah’s direction. Brii’s nostrils flared and she sent a powerful grill his way. If looks could kill, he’d be stinking right now.

“Oh he said for you to rob her too, huh?” she interrogated. Monique whimpered but didn’t say nothing. Brii mushed her head into the floor before getting up.

“PAB!” She dug into her bra and turned to Asha, who was holding her position. The other two strippers didn’t dare move, afraid to get the same treatment as their coworker.

“Here, take my car. I’m taking Mo home and staying the night with her.” She instructed. She then turned towards Mook.

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