All I Have(78)

By: Fatima Munroe

Just as I was about to text Deno to let him know I was outside, my phone began to ring and a frown came over my face at the name that popped up on my screen. I pressed the ignore button and pressed send on the text message to Deno. I looked myself over in my mirror before exiting from my car.

“Damn girl, you looking fine as hell.” Deno greeted me with a kiss on my neck that instantly made my kitty wet. I gave him a hug and inhaled his Gucci Guilty cologne. Damn this nigga got me ready.

“You’re not looking too bad yourself. Wow. I never would have imagined a nigga like you living like you a damn lawyer or doctor. This shit is ‘fye right here.” I said admiring his house. His living room was in all black and white, he had a 70-inch TV hanging from his wall, and a big ass picture of the cutest baby that I have ever seen. He looked exactly like Deno.

“Is this your son?” I asked already knowing the answer. I had always heard about him and some chick name Dana being together and having a baby. I also heard she left his ass cause he was cheating while she was pregnant. That’s why I always fuck with no strings attached. I have the mindset of a nigga so I won’t be set up to get hurt in the long run. I’ve read too many books to know how the game goes.

“Yeah, that’s him when he was a baby. Little nigga big as hell now.”

“He’s cute, just like his daddy.” I turned back to him and gave him a seductive smile. He stared at me, licking his big, juicy lips. They were pink with a hint of black coming in the middle from where he obviously smokes weed.

“So Deno, are we going to get to it or what? I know you didn’t invite me over here just to chit chat.” Hell, he knew what I wanted and I damn sure knew what he wanted. The goodness between my legs was enough to make any nigga come running back.

“Damn girl, slow down. I promise I’m going to give you this good dick soon. But shit, a nigga hungry. I haven’t eaten all damn day. I ain’t got shit to eat in the kitchen, so ride with me so I can grab something real quick.” He walked towards the door with me close behind. We got to his garage and hopped in his old school Chevy Impala. It was candy blue with the matching 26 inch rims and the interior was laid to the gawds.

“This shit is nice boo. I’ve never seen anything like it.” I was admiring the inside, rubbing on the leather seats.

“You know I’m one of a kind boo.” He gave me a wink and pulled out of his driveway.

I thought maybe he would go through a McDonald’s drive thru to get something quick so we could head back to his and do what I came for. But we ended up at a 5-star restaurant about 45 minutes out from his house.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would say that this is a date.” I said looking at him while taking a sip of my wine. He was looking quite fine tonight with his low haircut showing off his sea sick waves, his beard complimented his gorgeous smile, and his slanted eyes were hypnotizing. He reminded me of actor Morris Chestnut, but only he had hair.

“This is only the first of many baby girl, I’m going to be straight up with you, I’m feeling you. I just want to get to know you better and see where we can take this thing. I’m a real nigga and you a real bitch. You match my fly and it would only look right if you were the one to be on my arm. So what you say? You down for ya boy or what?” To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

“I didn’t think a nigga like you would catch feelings.” I said downing the rest of my wine and pouring myself another. He had caught me off guard and had me on edge. I wasn’t for catching feelings; I just wanted to catch a nut.

“Why do you keep saying a nigga like me? What kind of nigga am I to you?”

“You’re a thug nigga that stay in the streets and don’t give a fuck about life. You live on the high of being a dope boy and having money that you can blow without wondering what bill you have coming up next. You look to Rico as your little brother and you’ll go to war behind him. Now am I right?”


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