All I Have(8)

By: Fatima Munroe

“Get her to the car for me.” Since he was the biggest, he could get the job done with ease.

“I got you sis.” He picked Mo up and carried her out.

Zah swaggered over next, like everything was cool. Before he could say anything, Brii gave him her ass to kiss and strutted out. He watched in confusion then turned to Dev and Jeremy.

“The fuck is her problem?” Zah, had seen everyone huddled up and came to see about the commotion.

“I guess Mo got drugged and the chick tried to rob her. Brii caught on and whipped her ass.” Dev gave the short version.

Zah looked down at Monique, still laying on the floor. She was curled up in fetal position, crying with blood leaking from her mouth. He could see that she was going to have two black eyes as well.

“Damn, that’s fucked up.” He shook his head and proceeded to walk out. He wasn’t even going to bother helping the situation.


Yasmine woke up to turn over and snuggle under Marc, just to find that he wasn’t there. She blew out an irritated breath. This was one of the many times that he had fucked her good and dipped. She was seriously growing tired of being his sex toy. She looked at the clock sitting on the night stand, next to the hotel bed and it read seven o’ clock in the morning. Where the hell could he have run off too at this time? her mind pondered. Instead of giving herself a headache about it, she laid back down to get so more sleep. Just when sleep was finding her, someone knocked at the door. Her initiative was to ignore the knock and go back to sleep. Whoever it was, wasn’t letting up. She let out another frustrated breath and dragged herself out of the comfy bed. It was the same bed and hotel room, that she and Marc had been screwing in for the past six months.

That was another thing. She’d been giving her time to this man for a good six months and still, he had yet to introduce her to any of his family or friends. Zah didn’t count since she’s known him since she was a toddler. When she did find out about them knowing each other, it truly shocked her. She was under the impression that Marc was an average business man. The expensive suits said so. The only business she’d known Zah to be in was drugs. She was never one to get in her man’s business. As long as he was letting her spend the money. Before she got to the door, she grabbed the cotton bathrobe out of the bathroom to cover her nude body. The person at the door started knocking again.

“Who is it?!” she fussed from inside of the room.

“Hilton room service.” The man on the other side of the door nonchalantly said.

Yasmine rolled her eyes. She should’ve known this was coming. It was typical Marc, saying “sorry I couldn’t stay, but here’s a shopping spree on me.” She opened the door and snatched the cart from the man and slammed the door in his face. She lifted the top on the tray and just like she thought, it was note and his black card. She flipped the tray over and went to get back into the bed. It was entirely too early to be up and mad already. Yasmine ended up crying herself back to sleep.


Mo woke up with the Miami sun shining through her drapes. She looked around the room, slightly disoriented. She didn’t remember how or when she got home last night. Soon, the smell of vanilla roasted coffee filled her nostrils. She already figured it was Brii because that was the only flavor she drank. She got up, walking towards the closet bathroom to her room, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. On her way out the room, she stubbed her toe on the edge of door frame. She winced, hopping around on one foot and gritting her teeth.

“Shit!” That had to be the worst kind of pain she felt.

Just then, Brii came running down the long hallway to her aid. Mo lived in a spacious two-bedroom condo in Flagami. It had two bathrooms, a washer/dryer, freshly done hardwood floors, giant windows to see the beautiful city view, with black and grey marble counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom.

“You all good?” she couldn’t help but giggle at Mo hoping around in the hallway on one foot. The pain subsided and Mo flipped Brii off with squinted eyes.

“Shut up punk.” She said before going in the bathroom to relieve her bladder and handle her hygiene. Brii went about her business, laughing the whole way back to the kitchen.

She was finishing up with breakfast. Brii made cheese eggs, turkey bacon and wheat toast, along with a side of her favorite vanilla coffee. She was putting the final touches on the plates when Mo came walking into the kitchen in a black sports bra and plaid, blue boxers. Her eyes wandered Mo’s profile. She counted at least an eight pack of hard abs, a fully tatted right sleeve, half tatted on the left, full, succulent lips and her piercing brown eyes. She unknowingly, bit her bottom lip.

“Aww look, you learned to cook too. Brii-Brii all growed up.” Mo broke her train of fascination with a joke. She quickly snapped out of her trance and rolled her eyes.

“Whatever, big head. How do you feel?”

Last night, on her way to Mo’s house Brii was really concerned. Mo seemed so out of it, it had her scared. She barely got any sleep due to her checking to see if Mo was breathing, every other hour. She shook her head at the outcome of last night. All she wanted to do was give her bestie the best welcome home anyone could ask for and this had to happen.

Also By Fatima Munroe

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