All I Have(9)

By: Fatima Munroe

Mo barely remembered what happened. For all she knew, she was at Hittaz last night and got super turnt up. She was even in a good mood this morning. Never did it cross her mind that she’d been drugged last night.

“To be honest, I woke up with a small head ache. After I stubbed my toe, it went away. I’m cool now. What happened last night?” She munched on the bacon and shrugged.

Talking about what happened made Brii mad all over again. Deep down, she knew the way she did shawty was a little over the top. She let her emotions for Mo take over and it was a wrap.

“That stripper bitch you were under last night, drugged you. I whipped her ass though.” She spat with animosity dripping off of every word. She didn’t want to expose Zah. She of all people knew how much Mo loved her brother. Just because she hated him, didn’t mean she was going to come between them.

“Damn, for real? What was her name. She was fine as shit, too.” she snapped her fingers, digging into her eggs next. “This food is the bomb. You got some more?” Mo was eating like she’d missed a few meals. Brii smirked, trying not to laugh at the way she was chowing.

“Yeah, there’s more bacon and eggs in the oven. I can make you more toast.” She offered.

“Thanks Briiski. You the best.” Mo handed over her now empty plate. Brii’s heart fluttered and a smile formed across her face. Oop, I’m the best. She patted herself on the back.

While her back was to her, Mo stole a peek of Brii’s backside. She had on a spaghetti strapped, white t-shirt and some black panties that barely covered her ass cheeks. Any other time this would’ve been fine. She was used to Brii floating around half naked by now. Now that they had kissed, it would only open doors for future opportunities. They still hadn’t talked about the kiss. Mo knew that Brii would go on as if nothing happened. She on the other hand, couldn’t do that.

“So…” she contemplated on how to bring it up. “About that kiss…” she looked at the counter top and fidgeted with her fork.

Brii froze in place. She had hoped that Mo forgot about it. She wasn’t ready to expose her feelings. The timer on the toaster went off and she retrieved the toast.

“What about it?” she opened the oven and got the bacon and eggs.

Brii was trying to avoid the matter. Usually Mo would chill but this wasn’t something she was willing to ignore. She needed to know what was up between them.

“Ma, we kissed yesterday. We need to talk about this.” she stared a hole into Brii’s cheek, hoping she’d make some sort of eye contact.

“What’s there to talk about? We kissed, that’s all.” Brii shrugged, at the same time taking a sip of her coffee. She felt the butterflies forming in her stomach.

All of a sudden Mo wasn’t hungry anymore. She pushed the plate of food away from her and got up from the kitchen island. She walked into Brii’s space and backed her against the counter. They stood there staring into each other’s eyes, not saying anything. Brii lost the battle and looked away.

“I’m right here ma.” Mo brought her face to hers.

She slid her hand down the back of Brii’s neck, with the other positioned around her waist, and pulled her in for a kiss. Brii tried to fight it, but Mo didn’t budge. She put her hand on Mo’s cheek and gave in. Their tongues danced and passionate moans filled the condo. Mo’s hands traveled down Brii’s back and she squeezed her round bottom. Brii struggled to find her words once again. It was almost like Mo had sucked her soul out with that one kiss. Her heart was skipping beats and she was creaming her panties. Did I just have an orgasm? She thought.

“I’m scared, Mo…” she found the words.

“Of what? Zah?” Mo could see why. She respected Zah but she’d been in love with Brii for far too long.

“Hell no. Fuck him, for real.” She spat.

Bringing that name up left a bad taste in her mouth. For the life of her she couldn’t fathom why Zahmir would have some stripper drug his best friend, right hand and partner in crime. Mo and Zah were supposed to be closer than that.

“All I know is, when we kiss, I feel something. Tell me I’m tripping or something.” Mo searched her eyes for doubt. Brii was once again looking off into the distance. That was perfect clarification for Mo.

“I felt it too, but…” her words trailed off. There was no way she could reveal any of her feelings until Mo did.

“But what? Is it Zah? Be honest bruh.” Mo was assuming because she felt like she was betraying him.

“Will you stop? I said it wasn’t. I don’t care about him!” she huffed. Mo read her distant eyes and could tell Brii was holding something in.

“Is there something that you want to tell me?” she brought her face back to hers.

Brii wanted so badly to tell Mo about what happened. She thought she was doing the right thing by sparing her feelings. Just when she was about to come up with a lie, the house phone rang. Saved by the bell, she thanked God.

Mo looked at the caller I.D. and saw it was Zah. She didn’t let the phone ring twice before picking it up and answering.

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